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09 Aug

4sq Techno Disco

Techno Disco Bombs


Hello again synergists

The gorilla had to mariate on #this mixcast for a minute. Sonically speaking, the beat had to hit, just right, and there had to be enough Sonic anchors to make sure no matter how hard and deep things get (and boy, do they get deep) there’s a relatability and classic tune almost everyone can sing along to.

Featuring the pipes of some of the greatest clubland voices, Celeda, Martha Wash, Crystal Waters, Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, Dajae, Faithless, and Mary J. Blige to name a few.

Whittled down from a 4 HR, 4 table O.N.E Beat journey style mix, #this condensed 2 he 10 minutes long beatology reminiscent mix kept to a modest 128 bpm will get your head bobbing (amongst other extremities) and toes tapping.

Mixed directly into surround sound friendly 192 kbps CBR MP3 (unlimited data is costly y’all), giving you maximum Sonic quality while keeping file sizes streaming friendly.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mixing it. Stay tuned for some new beat collaborations and exclusives to be featured here for your ears first.

Until then, yours in groove

DJ Nave E



27 Apr

Present 2 Myself 3


Did you honestly think I would ever let such a groove like

My Present 2 Myself 2 end?

Come on now, y’all know me by now!


Here’s where I pick up, and ride this beat off into the


UMEK – Mechanical Blade (Original Mix)
Leandro Da Silva – I Love House Music (Club Mix)
Roger Sanchez, GTO – Troubleman (Original Mix)
Dajae, Riva Starr – The Loft (Emanuel Satie Remix)
Fatboy Slim, Riva Starr – Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat (Main Vocal Mix)
Rihanna Love On The Brain Barry Harris Tribal Bootleg mix
Julian Jeweil – Don’t Think (Original Mix)
Chris Liebing, Loco Dice – Keep It Low (Chris Liebing Version)
Tommie Sunshine, Chocolate Puma – Take The Ride (Extended Mix)
DJ Ghost, Ummet Ozcan – Airport (Original Mix)
Sable Sheep – Upon Burning Skies (Original Mix)
Alan Fitzpatrick – Skeksis (Original Mix)

DJ Dan – Out Of Nowhere (Original Mix).
Christian Smith – Blast Off (Original Mix)
Amber – Sexual (Li Da Di) (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix)
Hifi Sean featuring Crystal Waters – Testify (Steve Mac reMix.)
UMEK – Mechanical Blade (Original Mix)
DJ Funk, Will Clarke – Booty Percolatin’ (Original Mix)

Stay Tuned for Part 4

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

17 Aug


Bunker Bustin House Music

Bunker Bustin House Music



Oh Yes Oh Yes!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come.

Windows 10 is here!!!

This OS IS THE S#!+

With the new additions in technology,

massive additions to music library,

and no more excuses…

I drop the bunker buster


This one’s got a nasty groove.

I dare you not to tap your feet, or wiggle in your seat.

The tricks I pull off here…smh…

they should be illegal…

Lady Mrs. Kier Vs. Vanity 6

Saccao, Antonio Santana & Heavy Pins



Platinum Doug D’Angelo Mos Def

Joe Stone

Montell Jordan

Green Velvet & Weiss

Green Velvet & Technasia

Dajae & Riva Starr

Rene Amesz

Hot Since 82

Giddy ft. Jamie K

Rene Amesz

Vlada Asanin Yas Cepeda

Bryan Cox


Michael Jackson

Robbie Rivera Feat. Vinny Z

Luca M & Just2

Stefano Noferini


Chemical Surf


Oscar L

I mean, need I play more?

The wizzardary showcased here…



As always,

Your welcome

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

08 Jan

B OM B S 4



Da BIG Bomb

Da BIG Bomb


This is turning out to be one interesting little series.

If  I do say so myself!


When was the last time you got a


I know it’s been a while…

a LOOONG time coming in fact.


Here’s a BIG ROOM tour de force.

If this mix doesn’t have you dancing,



Too many tracks, edits, and samples included in this one

to even begin to try and give you a listing of everyone in it.

Just another way to help you thaw out from the

Big Chill 2014.

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

30 Nov

NK4 Divas Edition

Well, this has been an exciting new month.

Its brought about some new developments

in the style department

here at DJ Nave

SO, we wanted to close the

November Knockin’

Series out correctly.

So what better way to celebrate the 4th installment

than by mixing it on 4 TABLES!

Yeah  about time, and FINALLY

all at the same time!

I guarantee you, these divas…

they are only about one thing


This one delivers big beats and legendary vocals.

Including Mrs. Aretha herself,

along with Charlotte,



Christina Aguilera

Terri B

Basement Jaxx



Suzanne Palmer


Deborah Cox

Inaya Day

Need I say more? I think these divas

got this edition on LOCK!!!

All being mixed by yours truly on 4 tables

we had to make sure we closed the

November Knockin series right and

make sure it lives up to its name.


11 Nov

Veterans Day 2011 Disc 1

Unfortunately, with the recent demise of the HCBD series of mixes


and with the special day being 11-11-11

I had been mulling over this idea for quite some time.

I figured, why not make something a bit more fun than usual.

I wasn’t originally planning on making it for Veterans.

It doesn’t have much of a military theme to it either.

It’s just that it’s an unbridled let your hair down good time!

First off, this is the new mix as a result of the massive technology infusion of October.

The new lappy, new OS’es, and lots of other goodies have been tossed in.

With that, there has also been the massive procurement of music,

and a getting in touch with some old friends with some old goodies.

Where do I begin? I don’t know where I get these ideas, but for example…

who in a minimal mix throws in Nirvana?


Jodeci? Wait wait, did I really type that…

YUP I dug up Jodeci!



Toss in some Danny Teneglia, Rosabel, Boris Rush,

This one is way to crazy to describe, and being spatially mixed for 5.1 enjoyment

Let’s say this one is audacious.  I hope you like it!

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