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11 Jun

BOMBS 20 Part 1 of 4

BOMBS 20-1


I know you are wondering…

wait a minute…18, 20???

No worries…BOMBS 19 is undergoing some edits…

it’ll be posted later….



I’ve been testing my live and streaming chops

in a couple new venues and online forums.


I felt so guilty after playing that crowd for 14 hours,


Thank God, as a back up, I have the track lister…whew.

THIS is the warm up 3 HOUR part one of the session.

Gawd, I’d love to detail for your right now the MASSIVE

track listing, but then again, we’re talking THREE HOURS.

And this is only PART ONE!

There are 3 more 3 hour pieces…


And that’s cutting the show 3 hours SHORT!

So, this is pretty big…I’m not gonna pomp and circumstance it.

You’ve been warned…You know ME…UNFILTERED!

Please fasten your seatbelts.

The Captain has turned on the


it’s about to get HAZY.

Shouts out to SlimK-LarJr, Freckles, CMind…and the 737 Krew…

08 Oct




Ok, Ok, I need to testify….

I’ve been obsessing of the technical details on V1-tks3&5

that I completely forgot that I had recorded a whole nother

continuation mix…No wonder they never worked right…

I digress

This is the Companion Mix, and in true curveball fashion

this one is all over the map.

Deep House, To Prog Tek, To Trap To Dubstep we go!

I’m not even going to tease you with who is in it.

Real Heads Will Know…

Stay Tuned cause,

I’m droppin V1 soon…


Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

08 Jan

B OM B S 4



Da BIG Bomb

Da BIG Bomb


This is turning out to be one interesting little series.

If  I do say so myself!


When was the last time you got a


I know it’s been a while…

a LOOONG time coming in fact.


Here’s a BIG ROOM tour de force.

If this mix doesn’t have you dancing,



Too many tracks, edits, and samples included in this one

to even begin to try and give you a listing of everyone in it.

Just another way to help you thaw out from the

Big Chill 2014.

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

04 May

Melodic May Volume 1



May The 4th Be With You

Time to take it back to the clubs


Fresh off the heels of the highly successful

“80,000 Watts, $5 Martini’s & DJ Nave E”

even in Schaumburg last month,

It’s time to expand and showcase a bit more

regular club friendly kind of style.

This is definitely a vocal mix,

with each song featuring a recently charting

popular vocalist such as the following:

Jennifer Lopez

Justin Bieber

Jason Derulo


T-Pain feat. Pitbull

Kelly Clarkson

David Guetta Feat. Usher

Flo Rida Feat Sia



Enrique Iglesias Feat. Pitbull

Jay Z Feat Rihanna

Natalia Kills

21 Apr

Merit Badge



Coming of a successful week of negotiations,

music procurement, and a new creative wave

it was time to take a moment out and celebrate.

Xander to the rescue! Insert long hard hitting night of fun

for some inspiration, and voila, here you have a new mix.

I decided to bring along a few old friends this time,

naturally mix them up with some new ones

and serve them up with a dash of perky attitude.

This quick little sonic bump is sure to get you moving.

Featuring the talents of :

Jennifer Lopez feat Pitbull

The Bucketheads


DJ Boris & Oscar G feat Tamara Wallace

JD Miller

Madonna with a nice throwback with a new twist

Danny Teneglia with Liz Torres

Funky Green Dogs with a refresh of a classic

Pet Shop Boys have two, with one closing out the disc

yet what fun would that be without some Outhere Brothers in between?

Another sonic mix as unrelenting as the day that it shares it’s name with.

Have you earned your merit badge?

Applications are still being accepted.

28 Mar

Out Like A Lamb



It’s amazing where inspiration can come from.

After spying a new advertisement on TV, I noticed this killer

little ditty of a tune. You know, the dubstep track

in the Internet Explorer commercials.

I had to know more, and I had to get my hands on that awesome track.

But naturally I couldn’t stop there, and well here’s the listing below:

Alex Clare of Internet Explorer 9 Commercial fame

Knife Party

Excision & Noiz

Green Velveta


Mauro Picotto

Nelly Furtado


Deborah Cox

Flow Superstars






Tomy DeClerque

Tramaine Hawkins

Rob Mirage

Martha Wash

Marco Bailey & Tom Hades

Luis Flores

Love Tribe

Leon Bolier

Yeah as you can see there are a few nuggets thrown in this one.

And yes it does keep up the saw bass edginess for the whole 2 hours.

And I’m outta march like a fuzzy tailed lamb!

14 Mar

In Like A Lion

In Like a Lion

March always being known for it stark dramatic

changes in weather temperature and also human mindset

As the end of winter fastly approaches,

thoughts of warm climates came to mind.

Well since this March is no different than any other,

with higher than average temperatures and winds to match,

I figured why not embody and

harness the essence of the King Of The Jungle.

Or should I say Tribal Jungle?

I almost called this the Mufasa mix.

This is one is a climber, it just goes up, up of into the stratosphere.

Hate on me now, but I included Al Green.

Yes, I did say Al Green, and for good measure,

Crystal Waters closes out the set.

Yes, she’s back and I can’t wait for the rest of her new stuff to come out.

Careful though, this mix clocks in at 139BPM and at 2 hrs?

As the intro states, Warning, heading 29-0!

Enlisting the sounds of

John Dahlback

MGJ & Norber Davenport


Mr. Patron Featuring Al Green

Sidney Samson has two bombs

Spektre & Matt Cooper

Spiriakos & Steen

Rino Cerrone

Paul Thomas & The Weekend Heroes

Minus & Cortex


Miriam Macri


Axel Karakasis

Alexander Harre

Angy Kore & Alfonso Forte

For a change of pace, I decided to toss in the new Tiesto

Glitter hits up the Ravers

Giuseppe Visciano

Spiros Kaloumenos

Umek & Beltek


Uto Karem

Yolanda Be Cool Featuring Crystal Waters

Lace up, grab your Gatorade, and get ready.

You ready to take a ride with the Big Cat?





01 Feb

Fabulous Feburary Hump Bump Style

With a new month upon us, I had a little mix left over from last week.

I decided to alter the sequencing a bit

and well this little spritz into your week should keep ya goin.

Whether that’s at your spin class,

your run in all this beautiful weather,

or as you enjoy the drive home.

This mix covers a diversified range

from fidget elctro, to dirty dutch just to name a few.

Sidney Samson

Steve Akoi

Carl Cox

Lazy M



David Guetta Ft. Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida

Tara McDonald

Tone Depth


Robbie Taylor


Albat Ross Ft. Bryan Adams…



Yup you heard me…

my homeboy Aylen drops another smash

With a Bass Nectar chaser!

Hows that for a hump bump?

23 Jan

January Jump Off Workout Edition



What can I say?

I’m a sucker for a challenge.

Mr. Ellingsworth and his ideas.

Sooner or later, one of these days, one of us is gonna get killed!


What amount of craziness can I cram into one mix?

Well, we already know the answer to that one.

But how about this…40 tracks, 2 hours.

And yes folks that’s a legit 40 tracks, every one of them plays

Dare ya to figure out where they all are though.

Doing mix tapes for a personal trainer was one of my

first paying gigs back in the late 90’s

so when the challenge came to come up with a running

mix with some dubstep and a faster bpm than I usually mix

I couldn’t resist the challenge!

And I even threw in a personal challenge to myself.

Run 4 tables, not intermittently, but CONTINUOUSLY!

There are brief moments where less than 4 songs are playing at once,

but that’s the exception, not the norm this time!

So Meet Me At The Love Parade!

Get ready to go for the burn, cause this disc is ON FIRE!

Club 69

Diplo & Don Diablo

Rosabel feat Jeanie Tracy



Jochem Hamerling

Matt Myer


Offer Nissim



Super Flu

Phunk Investigation


Sweedish House Mafia vs Knife Party

Steve Angello

Ralph Falcon

St Class

My turntable brother from NJ…Aylen shows up a time or three


Voltaxx and Lissat


Prok & Fitch

Martin Roth & Mark Van Linden

DJ Rush

The Legendary Paul Johnson with a classic throwback

Alex Bau

A.C.K & Simon Point

newbie from YouTube…Chrispy



Sidney Samson ft MC Ambush

Knife Party

a buddy of mine from YouTube…ZomBoy

and a new up and coming artist by the name of Mindfucker

Captain Panic ft. Veela


Ok, did you get all that?

Did you catch that line up? Yeah, we’re going from 142 to 74 back up to 142

Please be careful if you ACTUALLY plan on working out with this mix.

It’s unrelenting from about the 10 minute mark till the 1hr 20 minute mark.

There are very few breaks, dips or pauses.  Please consult your physician if

you plan on starting a new workout regimen, and by all means work smart

not hard!

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