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28 Jun

BOMBS 20 Part 4 of 4



Well the time has come for the final shoe

in this monumental mix

to drop.

It’s  been a lonnnng time since I’ve done a mix of this magnitude.

This is the last hour and 20 minutes of it all.


I sure as hell did.

Thanks to the 737 Krew


Slim, Freckles, Cluded, and the Flight 737 gang.

11 Jun

BOMBS 20 Part 1 of 4

BOMBS 20-1


I know you are wondering…

wait a minute…18, 20???

No worries…BOMBS 19 is undergoing some edits…

it’ll be posted later….



I’ve been testing my live and streaming chops

in a couple new venues and online forums.


I felt so guilty after playing that crowd for 14 hours,


Thank God, as a back up, I have the track lister…whew.

THIS is the warm up 3 HOUR part one of the session.

Gawd, I’d love to detail for your right now the MASSIVE

track listing, but then again, we’re talking THREE HOURS.

And this is only PART ONE!

There are 3 more 3 hour pieces…


And that’s cutting the show 3 hours SHORT!

So, this is pretty big…I’m not gonna pomp and circumstance it.

You’ve been warned…You know ME…UNFILTERED!

Please fasten your seatbelts.

The Captain has turned on the


it’s about to get HAZY.

Shouts out to SlimK-LarJr, Freckles, CMind…and the 737 Krew…

02 Jan

B O M B S 2

Da Pop Bomb

Da Pop Bomb



Again welcome to 2014 Synergists.

Did you think I was able to just stop at one?


Of Course not. That wouldn’t be DJ Nave E.

With that being said, no need to overburder your eyes.

You’re here for the beats.

Lets get into them.

Yes, I have some surprises.

I’m sure you’ll love this one. It’s a stylistic merger.

Combining a few diferent elements to create

a respectible POP bomb.

With out further adieu.

I present the POP Bomb.

Stay Tuned for BOMBS 3

Da Twerk Bomb

And as always…Yours in Groove.

DJ Nave E



29 Aug

Floor Werk Da Mix Vol 1



August has been WAY BUSIER than expected!

With Beer Fest being a massive success,

this month has flown by!

Time to bless my loyal following with another gem.

Wubbs n Dubbs Xpress is off to a good start as the newest series,

and with the influx of new music, it’s time to bring a new work out to your subs!

This mix following in the vein of last months Beatology Book 3

this mix features 3 original compositions as well!

Featuring July 4th Banger

and two new original compositions

Shake ShiftR


the namesake track

Floor Werk

all while tossing into that mix are the likes of

Rihanna Cedric Gervais Martin Souza Ransley & DJ Aulden Brown

Afrojack & Shermanology

Silver Medallion

Laidback Luke, Chuckie, Martin Solveig vs Offsprings

Justice vs Firebeatz


Scissor Sisters

plus a few surprises tossed in to make sure and pound the planks




Excision & DZ




and to close out the set…

David Banner feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz!

Yeah, you should know I find ways to bring all sorts of different flavor into

a mix.

Yet Another Synergetic Production

Brought to you by DJ Nave E



03 Feb

Fabulous February Fabu Friday Edition



What is wrong with me?

What am I thinking?

I look in the mirror

and I hate what I see

a surrogate model

posing as me.

What is me?

Well, this is an accurate sampler.

Left field is too limiting to describe this 2 hour set.

House, Deep House, Tech House

Minimal, Minimal Tech, Minimal Tech Trance, Minimal Tech House

Tribal, Tribal Tech, Minimal Tribal Tech

dubstep, hip-hop, mashup, just to name a few bases I round.

4 tables, and yes, one DJ Nave E.

This one is almost like a Random Musing set to music.

Hence the double classification for it.

Ok where do I begin, cause well, it’s an F’Bomb, so…

I’ve decided to dust off some Filter,

Cypress Hill…wait…huh? WHO???


Zhane…OMG, yup…THOSE GIRLS from way back then..

Koen Groeneveld



Sander can Doorn

Timbaland ft. Pitbull


Bass Fun

Madison Avenue…BABY!

Labyrinth ft. Tinie Teempah


Jonathan Peters

Speaker Buster



T Orlando & Lori J Ward

Ivan B.

Notorious B.I.G.

Dr. Dre…hold the phone…


Mr. Beats himself featuring no stranger to these decks…

Bigg Boss Dogg…Snoop Dogg!

I know, I know, you’re scratching your head.

Look don’t try to figure it out,

just hit play!

23 Jan

January Jump Off Workout Edition



What can I say?

I’m a sucker for a challenge.

Mr. Ellingsworth and his ideas.

Sooner or later, one of these days, one of us is gonna get killed!


What amount of craziness can I cram into one mix?

Well, we already know the answer to that one.

But how about this…40 tracks, 2 hours.

And yes folks that’s a legit 40 tracks, every one of them plays

Dare ya to figure out where they all are though.

Doing mix tapes for a personal trainer was one of my

first paying gigs back in the late 90’s

so when the challenge came to come up with a running

mix with some dubstep and a faster bpm than I usually mix

I couldn’t resist the challenge!

And I even threw in a personal challenge to myself.

Run 4 tables, not intermittently, but CONTINUOUSLY!

There are brief moments where less than 4 songs are playing at once,

but that’s the exception, not the norm this time!

So Meet Me At The Love Parade!

Get ready to go for the burn, cause this disc is ON FIRE!

Club 69

Diplo & Don Diablo

Rosabel feat Jeanie Tracy



Jochem Hamerling

Matt Myer


Offer Nissim



Super Flu

Phunk Investigation


Sweedish House Mafia vs Knife Party

Steve Angello

Ralph Falcon

St Class

My turntable brother from NJ…Aylen shows up a time or three


Voltaxx and Lissat


Prok & Fitch

Martin Roth & Mark Van Linden

DJ Rush

The Legendary Paul Johnson with a classic throwback

Alex Bau

A.C.K & Simon Point

newbie from YouTube…Chrispy



Sidney Samson ft MC Ambush

Knife Party

a buddy of mine from YouTube…ZomBoy

and a new up and coming artist by the name of Mindfucker

Captain Panic ft. Veela


Ok, did you get all that?

Did you catch that line up? Yeah, we’re going from 142 to 74 back up to 142

Please be careful if you ACTUALLY plan on working out with this mix.

It’s unrelenting from about the 10 minute mark till the 1hr 20 minute mark.

There are very few breaks, dips or pauses.  Please consult your physician if

you plan on starting a new workout regimen, and by all means work smart

not hard!

22 Dec

December Decadence

With the conclusion of last months series

November Knockin

How would I ever be able to top that?

Well, can you see left field?

Take a look a bit farther, you’ll see where I’m coming from with this one!

Patron, Rose, Nuovo

I got them bottles goin full throttle!

Dipping in a few pots that I usually don’t combine in one mix

we’ve got dubstep, drum n bass,

electro, electro-tribe, breaks,

and the styles keep rolling.

This mix is highlighting my favor for unsigned talent

Mad props goes out to DJ Aylen, you’re tracks ROCK!

All my Souncloud followers, feel free to tag your work.

For this installment, I went way out in left field to get it poppin.

I dropped not one, but TWO T-Pain tracks in one mix!

Fresh off his new joint “rEvolvEr”

Michael Jackson stops by with a fresh spin,

Jay Z & Kanye West hot from the Throne in Paris,

DJ Dirty Dee,


Maroon 5 Feat. Christina Aguilera show us they definitely got the moves,


Chris Brown begs ya to get a good gander,

Rogers S. Feat Natalia Kills

Missy Elliott re-surfaces from the graveyard,

Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, & Lil John

Zxx  my buddy on Soundcloud

Boris Brejcha from Soundcloud

Ian B from Soundcloud

There’s enough guilty pleasure in this mix,

dirty beats, grimy bass, effected keys,

so grab a bottle and take it full throttle cause

err’body’s gonna be tappin on this mix!

30 Nov

NK4 Divas Edition

Well, this has been an exciting new month.

Its brought about some new developments

in the style department

here at DJ Nave

SO, we wanted to close the

November Knockin’

Series out correctly.

So what better way to celebrate the 4th installment

than by mixing it on 4 TABLES!

Yeah  about time, and FINALLY

all at the same time!

I guarantee you, these divas…

they are only about one thing


This one delivers big beats and legendary vocals.

Including Mrs. Aretha herself,

along with Charlotte,



Christina Aguilera

Terri B

Basement Jaxx



Suzanne Palmer


Deborah Cox

Inaya Day

Need I say more? I think these divas

got this edition on LOCK!!!

All being mixed by yours truly on 4 tables

we had to make sure we closed the

November Knockin series right and

make sure it lives up to its name.


17 Aug

Dirty Mouth? Meet Dirty Beats….

Hungry for something a bit gritty, and edgy,

and just in time for the Wednesday

Hump Bump

I decided to dip my hands in some dirty electronic nuggets

Taking a chunk outta the “Fly Life”,

along with some introspection to reveal “God In Me”

I’ve come up with a nice selection of

hard driving excess.

You might wanna take a shower afterwards

08 Aug

Link up with SyncStream

New Collaborative Stream Mix


It’s amazing what old creative friends can do for one another.

Give it some time, and you find out how much both of you have progressed.

Thanks Killzone for the muse and for the streamspace.

Here’s hoping your audience had as much fun listening

As I did recording it.



Britney Spears

Tony Braxton…wait…huh???

Yes, I did say Tony Braxton, and even Chris Brown!

It’s a non-stop one shot live recorded stream

and clocking in at 2 hours and 15 minutes,

this one is seriously heavy hitting.

Taking a page from Danny T’s book,

there’s even some “Gag Me With A Tune” action goin on..

email me if you can spot it and I’ll find a nice surprise for ya

Brought to you like only yours truly can deliver…

And to think it all started with an impromptu

Amy Winehouse tribute and live re-edit of

“Tears Dry On Their Own” for his

Killzone Internet Radio Station

Next thing I know 2 hr block of his show is handed over,

and you’re about to listen to the history…

Uplink complete, and now available for download

or your personal re-stream

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