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23 Sep

Once Upon A Bedtime Story

Let’s Get Unconscious Hunny

Lets Get Unconscious hunny

21 Apr

Present 2 Myself 2018

Happy Birthday ME

It’s my birthday

I can bump if I want to…

You would bump too

If you knew what I knew…

Enough of that crap…

I woke up feeling funky and decided to appease the Gorilla and let him bounce

Some beats and have a feel good time

As usual it’s way to good to keep to myself

Besides mama raise me to be stingy and selfish…

Your welcome

There’s some Crystal Waters




Carl Cox


Gloria Estefan

Jeannie Tracy

And a few other gems in this 48 min

Hump bump all at a comfy cruising speed of 128 non.


As always yours in grove


29 Apr

Spring Divas…FINALLY

Spring Divas


Finally I gave up on being a perfectionist on the cover art,

and I stopped letting it keep a good mix from your ears.

Sorry for the delay, but here is a new edition to the DIVAS series.

This one features a few of the old standbys…


Katy Pery

and a few new comers

Demi Levato

Lady Gaga

and a few others.

I seemed to have misplaced the track listing, but I’m pretty sure

that once your ears get a hold of it, you’ll be able to figure out who they are.

In the meantime, I’m busy getting BOMBS 7, 8, and 9 ready.

For those of you keeping count…

I’m sure you are asking what happened to BOMBS 6…

Well that is quickly following this post.

Stay tuned.

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

02 Jan

B O M B S 2

Da Pop Bomb

Da Pop Bomb



Again welcome to 2014 Synergists.

Did you think I was able to just stop at one?


Of Course not. That wouldn’t be DJ Nave E.

With that being said, no need to overburder your eyes.

You’re here for the beats.

Lets get into them.

Yes, I have some surprises.

I’m sure you’ll love this one. It’s a stylistic merger.

Combining a few diferent elements to create

a respectible POP bomb.

With out further adieu.

I present the POP Bomb.

Stay Tuned for BOMBS 3

Da Twerk Bomb

And as always…Yours in Groove.

DJ Nave E



03 Oct

Lounge Werk Pt 2



Part 2 of the 4 part set recorded live at

Cocktail in Chicago IL.

This is that crucial transitional hour,

with this also being the night of the Madonna concert in Chicago

naturally to bait in some of the fallout crowd it was smart to play a few tracks by…


Ace Of Base

Alyssa Reid feat. Jump Smokers

Pitbull feat. Chris Brown

PH Electro

Martin Sloveig and Dragonette

Lady Gaga

Albat Ross ft. Bryan Adams

David Guetta Sebastian Ingrosso & Dirty South

Afrojack feat. Nirvana

A.C.K & Simon Point

Jerome Isma-Ae vs. Snap!


I’m sure you can feel the pent up energy that’s building.

Stay tuned for parts 3 and 4 to ride the wave till it crashes.

29 Sep

Lounge Werk Part 1



Here’s the opening set list for the 4 hour show

performed live at Cocktail Lounge

in Chicago’s Iconic lakeview neighborhood.

Stones throw from Wrigley field.

ATFC feat Lisa Shaw

Nicole Scherzinger

Kelly Clarkson

Britney Spears

Daft Punk

Enrique Iglesias


Scissor Sisters

George Michael

Frisco Disco Vs. Boney M feat Ski

Elton John vs Pnau

Armand Van Helden

Natalia Kills



This is only the first disc of the entire 4 hour set…stay tuned as

the rest of the set is shared.

03 Apr

Diva Bunny




 This new breed of Diva is bright eyed and bushy tailed....

Fresh off the heels of the wildly successful

“Out Like A Lamb”

Well it’s a new month, and time for a new Divas edition.

With Palm Sunday just passing, that marks the

1 year anniversary of the re-introduction of the popular

DIVA series of mixes.

A collection of new and old classic vocal floor thumpers.

Usually the mix focuses on established and respected Divas.

Although, times change, and so does the Diva of the moment.

With this mix, I took the time to showcase a few works from some

of my friends around the internet.

A couple up and coming artists that I know have some pretty amazing music floating around,

and I decided to help support them by featuring them in a new mix.

Isaiah Grass and Kyle Brylin make their debut

Please support unsigned artists, as both these two tracks and others are available

via iTunes and their websites.

This mix is scheduled to also be broadcast via WDMN 101 Internet Radio

during my 1 hour Sunday Night Radio Show @ 6pm CST.

Isaiah is up first with Pheremones

followed by Kyle with his steaming “Go Hard or Go Chrome”

I’ve been on this dude to tell his Reps to service that track and get some proper mixes.

I just used the standard album version and extended it in the right places to fit the mix better.

After that, it’s on to the Diva barrage.

Brandy takes the mic with a 90’s classic ripe with “Percolator” undertones

Kelly Clarkson shows us how to be “Stronger”

Gaga begs for us to “Marry The Night”

Natalia Kills teaches us what “Mirrors” are for

Nicole Scherzinger tells us to put it “Right There”

Selena Gomez shows us a bit of self image confidence with “Who Says”

ATFC decides to end things early by “Walk Away” with Lisa Shaw

But Junior Sanchez has different ideas, and suggests you “Feel It (At The Warehouse)”

While Vanguard along with The Ting Tings

suggests to any style jockies “Hang It Up”

With Easter around the corner,

Spring time in full swing

I figured putting a little bounce in your step

would help get you thru the day or help you get things done around the house.

Brought to you by DJ Nave E

and if this one is a bit to syrupy sweet for ya, make sure to check out

Audacious April Volume 2- The Cute N Fuzzy Edition

More To Come about that later…

18 Feb

Fabulous February Fabu Friday Divas Edition Part 2



Fab Feb Fabu Friday Divas Extd Part 2

Fab Feb Fabu Friday Divas Extd Part 2

 If you don’t know me by now,

you’ll quickly learn, I can’t let a good groove get away from me.

Coming fresh off the heels of a successful broadcast

with the first installment for WDMN 101 Radio,

the 1hr time limit just wasn’t enough.

SO, what’s a DJ to do?

Pick up where you left off, and up the ante.

Go on an all out tribal assault, dropping bombs!

There’s a few homages in here,

including a nice 6 track 4 table Rauhofer workout.

Fergie picks up the mix where it was left off and ushers in the assault!

Whitney Houston (Quintessential Diva, RIP) is present with a classic

Ace of Base (yes, I resurrect them)

Audio Cactus

Tristian Garner

Yoko Ono

Drum D’vah


Kylie Minogue

Pussycat Dolls


Peter Rauhofer & Lula

Paris Hilton




Andrea Roma

Kelly Clarkson

Leona Lewis

Ludacris feat. Mystikal

wait wait wait, huh??? Yes, Luda’s in this piece.

Who else is crazy enough to assemble a line up like this?

I know it’s been a minute since the Diva’s have graced these pages,

but with a session such as this one, it’s guaranteed to satisfy.

17 Feb

Fabulous February FabuFriday Divas Edition


This mix marks the return of DJ Nave E to internet radio!

Worldwide Dance Music Nation

has enlisted the help of DJ Nave E to bring listeners

to it’s recently launched station.

This is no fly by night station either,

it’s got other powerhouses mixing there as well

such as the legendary Louie DeVito.

Now I understand radio is a different beast,

and so rightfully, the beats have to be different too.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t put my own personal touch on it.

And why not use the occasion to update the fan favorite

Diva Series!

Yes, you heard right, it’s time for another installment,

and this one definitely does not disappoint!

Well, it kinda does, because of the limits of the radio show,

each performance has to be a maximum of 1hr long.

This is the 1hr version

(clocking in at 1hr 4minutes)


The extended session is forthcoming.

Hopefully this will tide you over till then.

Hitting hard as always, this installment features the crooning of


Calvin Harris


Natalia Kills

Kelly Rowland

Tune In Tokyo


Gloria Estefan

Konstantin Yoodza

Koen Groeneveld


Fergie (not the Black Eyed Peas vocalist)


04 Jan

January Jump Off

Happy New Years.

Now that the holidays are over, and the time to get back to school

and work is quickly approaching us (for some, we’re back already)

I figured its time to kick the new year off right.

Grab your heels, Get your weave in order

Time for the Jump Off to the New Year!

Ending the year with the bang that was “December Decadence”

and lots of positive feedback on the style and flow on the mix,

plus with lots of new music for the new year.

So much new music, in so many different styles.

Kicking it up a notch,

this time I enlisted some unconventional help.

We’ve got some dubstep, d n b, trance, trip, wave, minimal, house, and the old standby…


I decided this time to gag you with an artist!

We’ve got Rihanna, Niki Minaj,

then we got Rihanna featuring Niki Minaj!

50 cent featuring Jeremih

Snoop Dogg

Kaskade vs Laidback Luke




Dada Life



Drop The Lime

Skrillex ft. 12th Planet & Kill The Noise


David Guetta Feat. Rihanna

Scissor Sisters

White Zombie

Umek & Beltek

WHEW, can you believe that track listing?

I mean seriously, where else are you going to get that kind

of eclectic blend of music?

DJ Nave E of course!

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