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28 Jun

BOMBS 20 Part 4 of 4



Well the time has come for the final shoe

in this monumental mix

to drop.

It’s  been a lonnnng time since I’ve done a mix of this magnitude.

This is the last hour and 20 minutes of it all.


I sure as hell did.

Thanks to the 737 Krew


Slim, Freckles, Cluded, and the Flight 737 gang.

22 Jun

BOMBS 20 part 3 of 4



This time, I’m not waiting a whole week, I’m back to back


here’s part 3 of 4

and this one is 4 hours long.

Sorry guys, no track listing yet.

But I guarantee, like the other two, this one will NOT


I can’t thank the Flight 737 Krew enough

Thank you guys for the opportunity

and thanks for being new listeners and

new friends.

Lar. Jr., Clouded Mind, Freckles, Mada, and the rest of the krew.


20 Jun

BOMBS 20 pt 2 of 4



Well after a week of sitting on it,

Listening to it in various environments,

and banging all over the land and country…


I bring you BOMBS 20 part 2

Yes, this one is also another 3 hour session.

No, I’m not giving a track listing, because

I’m up to 3 table antics the ENTIRE time.

Lets not forget, this is only part 2 of 4.

That means this is 6hrs out of 12hrs.

I might come back later and add the track details once I

get all the songs in order, but for now, the mix is what’s important,

and I’m not going to let the lack of a track listing keep me from

dropping such a hot beat exercise.

I hope you enjoy this as much as the live audience did.

Shouts out to Mada, Lar. Jr., Clouded Mind, Freckles, and the rest of the 737 krew.

You guys ROCK.

17 Aug


Bunker Bustin House Music

Bunker Bustin House Music



Oh Yes Oh Yes!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come.

Windows 10 is here!!!

This OS IS THE S#!+

With the new additions in technology,

massive additions to music library,

and no more excuses…

I drop the bunker buster


This one’s got a nasty groove.

I dare you not to tap your feet, or wiggle in your seat.

The tricks I pull off here…smh…

they should be illegal…

Lady Mrs. Kier Vs. Vanity 6

Saccao, Antonio Santana & Heavy Pins



Platinum Doug D’Angelo Mos Def

Joe Stone

Montell Jordan

Green Velvet & Weiss

Green Velvet & Technasia

Dajae & Riva Starr

Rene Amesz

Hot Since 82

Giddy ft. Jamie K

Rene Amesz

Vlada Asanin Yas Cepeda

Bryan Cox


Michael Jackson

Robbie Rivera Feat. Vinny Z

Luca M & Just2

Stefano Noferini


Chemical Surf


Oscar L

I mean, need I play more?

The wizzardary showcased here…



As always,

Your welcome

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

28 Aug

B O M B S…monoXide



Welcome to another Wednesday edition.

I know I broke with convention here, and I jumped ahead…

but a new fan just had a birthday, and I promised her a mix to celebrate with.

Well, I KINDA gave her what she asked for,

and then gave her MORE than she knew to ask for!

So here we are with another Birthday edition of

B O M B S!

This one is definitely more on the house side of things,

a genre that I haven’t really done much with since B O M B S 1 way back in January.

I think I’m going to start calling my mixes

elevator music.

Why you ask…cause I can’t seem to keep these beats on the ground!

They always go up and up.

No worries, this mix is full of surprises, and I guarantee you…

eventhough it’s only 128bpm, you’ll swear it’s a lot faster by the end.

I had the hardest time ending this one at CD length…

well, enough chatter from me, whose on this thing I hear you asking?

Destiny’s Child

Iggy Azalea feat Charlie xCx

VitoFun x SpacePlant

Tom Novy & Jashari

Green Velvet

Hot Since 82

Martinez Brothers

Disclosure ft. Mary J. Blige

Barbara Tucker

Cube Guys

Armand Van Helden feat. Duane Harden

Jerome Robins Gary Caos Peter brown
Muzzaik and Dave Martin

M.S. & The Girl Next Door

Amrick Channa

Dj Flore Agent Q Lexvaz JJ Mullor

Ben Sims

Phunk Investigation Gd&B

Alicia Keys

Peter Rauhofer


Erick Morillo Jose Nunez Harry Romero & Cevin Fisher

Amol Reon

Matthew Jonson finshes up the set.

Until Next time, stay groovy!

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

22 Aug

9-Da Trap Boss BOMB


 This has been another exciting week at Synergetic Productions.

Finally getting the You Tube page up and running.

Still under development, so please pardon our dust

as the artwork and final layouts are applied.

Fresh off the heels of B O M B S 8 pt 3,

it’s time to drop Da Trap Boss BOMB.

This mix picks up where we left off and…

as usuall…

goes in a familiar, yet different direction.

This mix is another Trap/Twerkology mix,

but this one is for the harder folks.

The Ridahs!

Enlisting the talents and musical stylings of:

Kanye West

Keys n Krates

Mariah Carey

Ca$h Out

DJ Funk

Nicki Minaj

Beyonce feat Nicki Minaj

 (welcome back to the REAL QUEEN)

Lil Kim

Ca$h Out feat. Juicy J Lil Boosie & Ty Dolla $ign

Wiz Kahlifa

bringing the ORIGINAL G.O.A.T. back to his rightful throne…

L.L. Cool J feat. Movado

Eve feat Pusha T and Juicy J

Lil Wayne

Big Sean feat. Nicki Minaj & Juicy J

Mr. Dark Horse himself…


Lil Kim comes thru again

Gucci Mane


Chief Wakil


UZ feat Problems

Rick Ross feat. French Montana



Justin Timberlake


Nicki Minaj

and to end this tour de force

Twista feat. Tech Nine


I’m exhausted just typing all these heavy hitters.

You’ll be exhausted when you’re done listening to it.

Stay tuned, more is on the way (B O M B S 9 pt 2)

and as always…

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E


Time for another installment in the B O M B S series,

and this one picks up where B O M B S 8 pt 3 leaves off…

and go

22 May

BOMBS7- Twerkology Pt 1



And the B O M B S Just keep on coming…

This has proven to be an exciting time in music

With the Advent of Twerk and Trap styles of music

A whole new world of sound is possible.

Yes there is a difference between Twerk and Trap

However the lines blur very easily.

This mix was originally supposed to be an update to the



but with the emphasis so heavy on

the twerk style of music…

well, you guys are smart, you get it.

This mix is chocked full of surprises

and tons of…well…what else…


Jennifer Lopez

Iggy Azalea

Charlie Traplin

Esentrik feat. Eminem

Jay Z Rihanna


Diplo (Da KING of Twerk)


Big Sean feat. Niki Minaj

Luke Bingham

Keys N Krates


DJ Nave E

(yes…I threw an original beat in here)

DJ Maze and DJ Deen O

August Aishna BoB Yo Gotti



DJ Snake

Tyga Lil Wayne & Meek Mill

handle closing duties of this installment.

Stay Tuned for part 2

Trust me,

I’ve got more shennanigans up my sleeve

As always

Yours In Groove

DJ Nave E

Now make it twerk

29 Apr

Spring Divas…FINALLY

Spring Divas


Finally I gave up on being a perfectionist on the cover art,

and I stopped letting it keep a good mix from your ears.

Sorry for the delay, but here is a new edition to the DIVAS series.

This one features a few of the old standbys…


Katy Pery

and a few new comers

Demi Levato

Lady Gaga

and a few others.

I seemed to have misplaced the track listing, but I’m pretty sure

that once your ears get a hold of it, you’ll be able to figure out who they are.

In the meantime, I’m busy getting BOMBS 7, 8, and 9 ready.

For those of you keeping count…

I’m sure you are asking what happened to BOMBS 6…

Well that is quickly following this post.

Stay tuned.

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

10 Jun

Curve Ball



DJ Nave E's Curveball

Time to throw da game a curve ball

 Well, with the decreased popularity in Dub Step these days

and the rapid ascent of Trap

(didn’t it already exist??)

there’s been a bit of musical upheaval in the sonic landscape.

There’s new sounds, new possibilities.

Well, as a fellow DJ Nave E listener, you’re used to a

certain degree of left field shenanigans sonically.

However I felt it was time to throw da game a huge

Curve Ball!

OMG there’s Ludacris Feat. Kelly Rowland

Rihanna feat. Eminem



Busta Rhymes

Wiz Khalifa

Diplo & GTA

Getter feat. Swedish House Mafia


Aqua Drop


Kanye West feat. Pusha T Big Sean 2 Chains

Kendrick Lamar feat. Dr. Dre


Aylen feat. Dillon Francis Chuckie Flux Pavilion Skism &Foreign Beggars

And for the ultimate left field Phat Deuce closes out the set.

I know…I know…

Just know you’ve been warned…

09 Oct

Lounge Werk Part 3



Lounge Werk Part 3

Lounge Werk Part 3d


B O O M !

I’m sure frequent readers of my page are scratching their heads by now.

They are like wait no witty build up?

No emphasis? Tracklisting and slight details?

Has he fallen ill?


I sure have cause this disc is SICK!

OMG…once the inital club fluff is outta the way

Lounge Werk Part 1

Lounge Werk Part 2

it’s time to see just what this system can do!

Time for the heavy artillery!

Jerome Isma-Ae vs Snap!

Sander Van Doorn


Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce



M People

Erick Morillo


DJ Chuckie

Jennifer Lopez


Yes Siree folks, you’re looking at 1 hour and 42 minutes of music

expertly handled with tender loving care and

presented to you in expanded stereo

clocking in at a final running time of

1 hr and 3 minutes and 42 seconds!

No editing or post production work has been done…

this is what was played and recorded live…


you know what you missed!


Corner of Roscoe and Halsted


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