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25 Apr

2nd Short BOMBS

Cause I Got A Light Bill Due!

OK I got a confession.

I been sitting on THIS for about 2 months.

I know, after you hear it…you’ll wanna kill me.

Starting with a kiss…this mix delivers big love to all floor workers, wharehouse funk club lovers.  You are welcome.

#THIS mix is killer. The beat just don’t quit.

There are so many gems.

Many many thanks gotta go out to the modern day maestro Barry Harris for his tireless expressions of love.  Your mixes are pure works of aural art.  With that being said get ready for this 2hr techno funk bomb. You are welcome.  Yours in groove…DJ Nave E


10 Jan

Warp Zoom 414 Bomb


Welcome to 2018 Synergists

2017 was an awesome year,

I’ve been busy with launching a new sauce

and a few other time intensive projects.

But fret not, I haven’t forgotten the music

I was in Lake Geneva and I had the fortunate opportunity

to not only let the Gorilla stretch his legs for a few hours,

but to share it with my favorite buddies around the world.

Hence why this is another Synced Stream Session

BIG SHOUTS OUT to the one and only 414 Krew.

Slim, YOU ROCK BUDDY.  Thanks a million bro.

Riff Raff, Adam Oz, IamTina, and my beatslut Cheeka.

This was another 3hr 35 minute excursion,

and I have to thank DJ Barry Harris for his AWESOME BOOTLEGS
for which most of this would not be possible.

As always, I have the track listing, but…

do you really care about any of that??

no, I didn’t think so, cause if you did

you’de stopped listening LONG TIME AGO.

Im so horrible with those things anyway.

Well, without further adieu,

I bring to you the

Warp Zoom BOMB

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

27 Apr

Present 2 Myself 3


Did you honestly think I would ever let such a groove like

My Present 2 Myself 2 end?

Come on now, y’all know me by now!


Here’s where I pick up, and ride this beat off into the


UMEK – Mechanical Blade (Original Mix)
Leandro Da Silva – I Love House Music (Club Mix)
Roger Sanchez, GTO – Troubleman (Original Mix)
Dajae, Riva Starr – The Loft (Emanuel Satie Remix)
Fatboy Slim, Riva Starr – Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat (Main Vocal Mix)
Rihanna Love On The Brain Barry Harris Tribal Bootleg mix
Julian Jeweil – Don’t Think (Original Mix)
Chris Liebing, Loco Dice – Keep It Low (Chris Liebing Version)
Tommie Sunshine, Chocolate Puma – Take The Ride (Extended Mix)
DJ Ghost, Ummet Ozcan – Airport (Original Mix)
Sable Sheep – Upon Burning Skies (Original Mix)
Alan Fitzpatrick – Skeksis (Original Mix)

DJ Dan – Out Of Nowhere (Original Mix).
Christian Smith – Blast Off (Original Mix)
Amber – Sexual (Li Da Di) (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix)
Hifi Sean featuring Crystal Waters – Testify (Steve Mac reMix.)
UMEK – Mechanical Blade (Original Mix)
DJ Funk, Will Clarke – Booty Percolatin’ (Original Mix)

Stay Tuned for Part 4

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

28 Jun

BOMBS 20 Part 4 of 4



Well the time has come for the final shoe

in this monumental mix

to drop.

It’s  been a lonnnng time since I’ve done a mix of this magnitude.

This is the last hour and 20 minutes of it all.


I sure as hell did.

Thanks to the 737 Krew


Slim, Freckles, Cluded, and the Flight 737 gang.

22 Jun

BOMBS 20 part 3 of 4



This time, I’m not waiting a whole week, I’m back to back


here’s part 3 of 4

and this one is 4 hours long.

Sorry guys, no track listing yet.

But I guarantee, like the other two, this one will NOT


I can’t thank the Flight 737 Krew enough

Thank you guys for the opportunity

and thanks for being new listeners and

new friends.

Lar. Jr., Clouded Mind, Freckles, Mada, and the rest of the krew.


20 Jun

BOMBS 20 pt 2 of 4



Well after a week of sitting on it,

Listening to it in various environments,

and banging all over the land and country…


I bring you BOMBS 20 part 2

Yes, this one is also another 3 hour session.

No, I’m not giving a track listing, because

I’m up to 3 table antics the ENTIRE time.

Lets not forget, this is only part 2 of 4.

That means this is 6hrs out of 12hrs.

I might come back later and add the track details once I

get all the songs in order, but for now, the mix is what’s important,

and I’m not going to let the lack of a track listing keep me from

dropping such a hot beat exercise.

I hope you enjoy this as much as the live audience did.

Shouts out to Mada, Lar. Jr., Clouded Mind, Freckles, and the rest of the 737 krew.

You guys ROCK.

11 Jun

BOMBS 20 Part 1 of 4

BOMBS 20-1


I know you are wondering…

wait a minute…18, 20???

No worries…BOMBS 19 is undergoing some edits…

it’ll be posted later….



I’ve been testing my live and streaming chops

in a couple new venues and online forums.


I felt so guilty after playing that crowd for 14 hours,


Thank God, as a back up, I have the track lister…whew.

THIS is the warm up 3 HOUR part one of the session.

Gawd, I’d love to detail for your right now the MASSIVE

track listing, but then again, we’re talking THREE HOURS.

And this is only PART ONE!

There are 3 more 3 hour pieces…


And that’s cutting the show 3 hours SHORT!

So, this is pretty big…I’m not gonna pomp and circumstance it.

You’ve been warned…You know ME…UNFILTERED!

Please fasten your seatbelts.

The Captain has turned on the


it’s about to get HAZY.

Shouts out to SlimK-LarJr, Freckles, CMind…and the 737 Krew…

25 Dec

Xmas Hex BOMB



Well this is definitely one Christmas for the record books…

simple, and basic….

So, time for some beats!

Not really sure where the notion came from,

however, as y’all all know…

All it takes is a rhythm, and off I go…

this one is no different.

Covering some classics from…


Faithless x 2

Green Velvet


Format B



Fifth Harmony

Missy Elliot

Kid Ink

White Vox

and with that this Cathartic Bomb,

I decided to just drop it, as it’s merely a WIP.

Who know where it’ll go from here…

but for now, I kinda liked what came out.

Heres Hoping You and Yours have a Merry Christmas 2015.

Stay Tuned…cause in 2016, there will be a slight refresh of the site,

and definitely some new styles and beats coming your way…

and as always…

Yours In Groove

DJ Nave E

21 Oct

BOMBS 16 Channeling Dubstepper989


Ray, Ray, Ray….

why did you have to do this to us both?

You knew what sending me tracks via facebook was gonna do…

Ok, so maybe you didn’t, well…


and for the rest of you out there…

this could happen to you!

If you got a few bomb tracks or works in progress..

send them on.

They can end up in a lovely lil creation such as this monstrosity.

WOW, what can I say…2.5 hours of some BOMB BASS

Maiilibu N Helene (Ford)


P. Diddy Feat. Keesha Cole vs 33hz

Adam Lambert




Depeche Mode

Linkin Park


Kool & The Gang


Red  Hot Chilli Peppers

Goon Squad


Hardwell Armin Van Burrin Kygo

Dario Nunez & Julinjan The Angel

Adriano White


Pink Floyd


Teken & Alex Senna

Denis Izyumov feat T.I.

Roula feat. Leonardo Rosa & C.R.O.M.I.

J. Beren & Dany Rojas vs Benni Benassi

Quinten 909 feat. Khia


Gossip feat. Peter Rauhofer

Slice N Dice

The Clash

Samuel Boogie


Wait, did you read that right? YES….TOTO!

Man, what more can I say at this point…

Mad Props goes out to @Rolling…dude you are one sick MOFO…



Yours In Groove…

DJ Nave E

btw…Ray…we gotta do this again…this was too much fun…

29 Apr

Spring Divas…FINALLY

Spring Divas


Finally I gave up on being a perfectionist on the cover art,

and I stopped letting it keep a good mix from your ears.

Sorry for the delay, but here is a new edition to the DIVAS series.

This one features a few of the old standbys…


Katy Pery

and a few new comers

Demi Levato

Lady Gaga

and a few others.

I seemed to have misplaced the track listing, but I’m pretty sure

that once your ears get a hold of it, you’ll be able to figure out who they are.

In the meantime, I’m busy getting BOMBS 7, 8, and 9 ready.

For those of you keeping count…

I’m sure you are asking what happened to BOMBS 6…

Well that is quickly following this post.

Stay tuned.

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

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