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21 Oct

BOMBS 16 Channeling Dubstepper989


Ray, Ray, Ray….

why did you have to do this to us both?

You knew what sending me tracks via facebook was gonna do…

Ok, so maybe you didn’t, well…


and for the rest of you out there…

this could happen to you!

If you got a few bomb tracks or works in progress..

send them on.

They can end up in a lovely lil creation such as this monstrosity.

WOW, what can I say…2.5 hours of some BOMB BASS

Maiilibu N Helene (Ford)


P. Diddy Feat. Keesha Cole vs 33hz

Adam Lambert




Depeche Mode

Linkin Park


Kool & The Gang


Red  Hot Chilli Peppers

Goon Squad


Hardwell Armin Van Burrin Kygo

Dario Nunez & Julinjan The Angel

Adriano White


Pink Floyd


Teken & Alex Senna

Denis Izyumov feat T.I.

Roula feat. Leonardo Rosa & C.R.O.M.I.

J. Beren & Dany Rojas vs Benni Benassi

Quinten 909 feat. Khia


Gossip feat. Peter Rauhofer

Slice N Dice

The Clash

Samuel Boogie


Wait, did you read that right? YES….TOTO!

Man, what more can I say at this point…

Mad Props goes out to @Rolling…dude you are one sick MOFO…



Yours In Groove…

DJ Nave E

btw…Ray…we gotta do this again…this was too much fun…

08 Jun

BOMBS 12.1


Welcome to 2015

Yeah, I know, Im a bit behind schedule

Yes this is June…I know I know…

But as always with any wait, you know when I come back


Welcome to 2015

After a brief stent in the

Smoky Mountains

in Tenesseee

I’ve come back with a clearer ear,

a deeper soul,

and some beats for dat azz.

This 3 table fiesta was started back in Jan..

Thanks Fran…Shouts out to you on the inspiration…

a history of HOUSE MUSIC…

thru the ears of DJ NAVE E.


FORMATIVE tracks either in

original or recent reworked form

each of these tracks have had a significant

impact in helping me find my sound, my voice.


These three tables were smoking…

So will your speakers…

I’ve left the LIVE inconsistencies from the broadcast

IN THE MIX for authenticity….

Here’s the listing for Part 1 which is a curveball

Michael Jackson

Usher Feat. Nicki Minaj

Karl Friedrich


Plastik Funk Feat. Grandmaster Melle Mel

Sander van Doorn & Oliver Heldens

Criminal Vibes

Mason ft. Umek & Mike Valle

Depeche Mode

DJ Joykka & Miss Canabliss

Riva Starr & Fat Boy Slim feat. Beardyman

Patrick M. The Cube Guys & DJ. PP


Razor N Guido

and for time sake, it’s rough cut at 1hr…

stay tuned…part 2 is coming…

04 Oct

HCBD Relocated

Time to wake the neighbors...again

Time to wake the neighbors…again


2013 has been a year of many different changes.

Style, Substance, Form, and Location.

With the recent move, things have been a bit chaotic.

Moving can be a good thing, it can also be challenging.

While the exodus from my previous work space,

and the acclimation to my new environment,

a few things have taken time to get back to normal.

AGAIN, I apologize to you, the fans for leaving you hanging.

Well, now that the new location is up and and semi-functional,

what better way to introduce myself to the neighbors, than by re-christening

the old HCBD series.

Ok, ok, ok, I know, the name is different,

but the end result is still the same.

Another banger for your ears.

This one started off as a curve ball,

however it was a bit too out there.

I had to decide what I wanted

the rebirth of the HBCD monkier

to sound like.

What is the DJ Nave E sound?

Well, I can’t say this is completely representative.

Although I can say, this in spirit…if not form..

is closely representative of some of the sonic mayhem

that can be experienced live.

With the current changes in the sonic landscape,

it’s only right that I evolve.

Well, enough about me…let’s get to the mix shall we?

This one has quite a few interesting features…

By now, you should be used to my completely left field openers.

Kanye West is about as left field as they get, and so is this track!

The Prodigy…wait…yes…THOSE guys…

Depeche Mode (Walter this ones for you)

Tosch feat. Christina ( C. Hartwig, this ones for u)

W&W & Ummet Ozcan vs Culture Club (Griff, this one’s ALL YOU)

Mobin Master Tate Strauss & Rave Radio

DJ Absinth

Hannover House Mafia

Chuckie & Hardwell Feat. Ambush

Will I Am Feat. Brittney Spears


Tujamo & Plastik Funk


Knife Party

Millions Like Us & Eddie K

Sub Focus feat. Alex Clare

G&G vs. Dave Darell Feat Robin Bengtsson

Cosmic Funk closes things out.

Well, with that closes another set, and with that…


Won’t you be MY neighbor?

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