29 Jul

Random Musings Of A Wonton Beat Freak


Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve mused (on paper that is).

So I figured why not take a moment to reflect on a few things.

It seems with the current state of music and politics governing

this wonderful industry of ours.

With the quick ascent of Dub step as well as it’s ultimate demise.

I’ve been wondering.

What deems something a sell out?

Isn’t the whole goal of making and releasing music to SELL IT?

Aren’t we supposed to sell it to as many people as possible?

Yes, it’s a bit disturbing to see a Toyota commercial with

Skrillex-Style dubstep booming in the background with the requisite clowns on tv jumping and dancing about….but ultimately, isn’t acceptance the key to ensuring success?

No one wants to create something to hide it from the masses.

No one wants to have the greatest thing ever created hide in some dark shadows that only a elite few

of internet savvy youngsters stealing it and holding it dear to their hearts.


Cause those geeks didn’t buy it.  They found it, downloaded it, shared it with their 400 closest friends, and then complain when they see it 6 months later in a Mountain Dew commercial.

To me, I think that’s AWESOME!

Mountain Dew and Flux Pavilion….great combo…great song.

C’mon, we all know they were prob chugging gallons of the stuff burning the midnight oil while

moshing up some of the sickest beats we’ve never heard.

To have CORPORATE AMERICA not only feature your sound

but to put it’s dollars in YOUR pocket is no small accomplishment.

Sell out?

I think not.

I call that being a smart business man…

Again, this is just a random musing.

Feel free to disagree, but it’s only my two cents.

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    Go Daddy

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