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10 Oct

Englewood Taste of Disco BOMBS

It’s with sorrow that I present this BOMBS

Rip Taste

October 2018

With that, no time for a heavy heart or feet…

Cause this lil number right here will get you moving.

Recorded at 124 bpm while hanging out with a homework who lives next door to the Taste, this one sure has a nice 4 table Groove. In memorial for a place I longed to play.

Should be able to fit into a cd nicely. Tho

I’ve got everyone from Michael Jackson to Barbara Tucker and Madonna…

You’ll definitely thank me


09 Nov




I can’t say anything

I can’t believe I saw what I just witnessed.


Countdown has begun until I leave my beloved


I’ll never understand.

All I can say…

 May God Have Mercy Upon

This Poor Misguided Country.

All Rights reserved to Mary J. Blige and her publishing.

No infringement intended.

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25 Dec

Xmas Hex BOMB



Well this is definitely one Christmas for the record books…

simple, and basic….

So, time for some beats!

Not really sure where the notion came from,

however, as y’all all know…

All it takes is a rhythm, and off I go…

this one is no different.

Covering some classics from…


Faithless x 2

Green Velvet


Format B



Fifth Harmony

Missy Elliot

Kid Ink

White Vox

and with that this Cathartic Bomb,

I decided to just drop it, as it’s merely a WIP.

Who know where it’ll go from here…

but for now, I kinda liked what came out.

Heres Hoping You and Yours have a Merry Christmas 2015.

Stay Tuned…cause in 2016, there will be a slight refresh of the site,

and definitely some new styles and beats coming your way…

and as always…

Yours In Groove

DJ Nave E

07 Aug




Thanks Clint for your YEARS of support.

I’m grateful to have such a dedicated follower

Such as yourself from the


It’s the many followers like yourself that keep me

Going at it…

As always this beat is for YOU!

Yours in Groove…

DJ Nave E

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03 Feb

Fabulous February Fabu Friday Edition



What is wrong with me?

What am I thinking?

I look in the mirror

and I hate what I see

a surrogate model

posing as me.

What is me?

Well, this is an accurate sampler.

Left field is too limiting to describe this 2 hour set.

House, Deep House, Tech House

Minimal, Minimal Tech, Minimal Tech Trance, Minimal Tech House

Tribal, Tribal Tech, Minimal Tribal Tech

dubstep, hip-hop, mashup, just to name a few bases I round.

4 tables, and yes, one DJ Nave E.

This one is almost like a Random Musing set to music.

Hence the double classification for it.

Ok where do I begin, cause well, it’s an F’Bomb, so…

I’ve decided to dust off some Filter,

Cypress Hill…wait…huh? WHO???


Zhane…OMG, yup…THOSE GIRLS from way back then..

Koen Groeneveld



Sander can Doorn

Timbaland ft. Pitbull


Bass Fun

Madison Avenue…BABY!

Labyrinth ft. Tinie Teempah


Jonathan Peters

Speaker Buster



T Orlando & Lori J Ward

Ivan B.

Notorious B.I.G.

Dr. Dre…hold the phone…


Mr. Beats himself featuring no stranger to these decks…

Bigg Boss Dogg…Snoop Dogg!

I know, I know, you’re scratching your head.

Look don’t try to figure it out,

just hit play!

27 Nov

Wanton Musings

Well November is almost over, and now that the weather has

taken the turn for the colder.

I figured it was time to turn up the heat!

Not just indoors, but also online.

The November Knockin’ series is almost drawn to a close.

December is almost upon us, which means,

time for jingle bells and mistletoe

and a whole bunch of fa la la la.

November was a learning experience

it’s taken a few tries with some new ideas

as well as technology to try and realize the vision

and sounds I have in my head.

Being a one man band at times has its benefits,

other times, it’s more stress than you can imagine.

But with any labor of love, it’s all worth it once the finished product

arrives and is well received.

Do not worry, NK 3 will be re-issued

in it’s glorious 5.1 surround sound as promised.

Who knew such a simple request would turn into

a technical nightmare? Never the less, what’s been rendered so far

is amazing, and there might even be a slight difference between

it and the standard stereo mix.

There are quite a few new sounds and tracks that I can’t wait to drop,

(thanks to Mr. Rauhofer for a few of them,

and my many new friends on Soundcloud for their wonderful

pieces of sonic art work).

With the help of the Macintosh stuido,

Roxio, Nero, Dolby, and SRS

I am positive that I will be able to generate you some quality

worthwhile mixes very shortly.

The bugs naturally have to get worked out,

but as always, I look forward to your input and suggestions

as I endeavor to build not only a mixcast deliver system,

but also an interactive community where I can

interact with my fans and friends.

Hopefully you guys will reach back as well,

share with your friends, and grow this vision into

something bigger than what I have envisioned.

I appreciate your patience, and hopefully if you have any ideas

comments, or suggestions, I gladly welcome them.

Don’t be such strangers, I don’t bite.

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22 Nov

With New Tech Comes….

This has definitely been an exciting and challenging year.

Artistically, technologically, and mentally.

With each new question or challenge,

there has been a lot of information that I needed to learn, and quite quickly.

Well, I am the type that never finishes one challenge and then relishes the break.

I dive head first into the next one.

Which brings me to my newest question or ponderance.

I have been toying with an idea and concept

musically and visually for about 10 years now.

I think that technology has finally caught up and the price has dropped

significantly so that average Joe’s can somewhat accomplish those things

on a shoestring budget.

May I recall your attention to the previous picture at the top of this post?

Yes, you saw it right, that is the infamous Double D.

Without giving away too much information, and insides on what that means here at

I am wondering what you as listeners would like to see, or hear I should say.

There are a few different ways to incorporate the digital experience into a

conceptual mix, like the ones that I do here.

The question becomes, how best to deliver the experience.

Technically, and bandwith wise, I can post full AC3-DTS mixes here.

Is it practical? NO

Would it be a quick download? NO

Could your RSS feeder handle it? HAAA NO.

Would if fit on a CD? Yes and no…more on that later.

So given the only delivery method being DVD, the next question is…

what visuals do you think would be awesome with a DJ Nave E mixcast?

Yes, integrating visual elements with the mix, would only be a more

complex extension of what I already do, just in a new realm.

Yes, it does dramatically increase production time and delivery time

but it makes sure that everything is top notch and also worthy of your support.

I have a few ideas, I have a few samples.

I’m interested to know what YOU think.

I don’t get to hear from any of you my fans out there, so

take a moment, send me an email, or a comment on facebook.

I am completely open at this stage to embrace new things, and

I am surly hoping that you my listeners will be a part of this next step.

For starters, here are a few questions that I would like to see what you my listeners think.

Would you listen/download/own a mix that was rendered in Dolby Digital/DTS for playback on

your surround sound system?

Which format would you prefer to use: Electronic/Internet, DVD/CD, USB?

Would you be interested in audio only, or would a combination audio visual project be more appealing?

If you would like to see an audio visual project, please specify which medium format you would prefer.

Would you be interested in downloading/streaming mp3’s that have been rendered and recorded

in a Surround environment and then downmixed to MP3?

As you can tell, I’ve been assessing what I can do, and now that I’ve done it, I want to know


10 Aug

Affiliating we will go…




During the course of my constant obsession with technology,

of course the incessant love affair with music

and the endless hours spent on the internet,

it only seems right that I take time to recognize and acknowledge

the companies and services that help me do what I do.

Each one has in some way shaped and molded my craft

and has contributed to the mixes you hear here.

Now what thank you would be complete without a

Mrs. Jackson-style

“What Have You Done For Me….Lately??”


Well, with that said, I’m sure that people will be asking as time goes on

what equipment do I use, have experience on, and where do I get it all?

That’s where the affiliating comes in to play…(ha ha naysayers…there IS a tie in)

Upon my webcrawling I found out that yes, when you visit my site,

or if you decide you want to acquire any DJ related tools,

software, or equipment yours truly can receive

nominal compensation for your purchasing consideration.

This will greatly help to off set the cost of production, procurement, and publishing.

Watch this space for future developments and links in the coming weeks for the affiliate links.

In the meantime, lets do some product placement shall we?

And no, this is by no means a complete or exhaustive list, but this will keep you busy for now…

The Original Wheel Of Steel needs no introduction

Virtual DJ

Scratch Live

The GodFather of DJ Performance Software



What the Pros Use




Theater Quality Sound

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