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04 Apr

Cute N Fuzzy




You Know You Wanna Pet Him

You Know You Wanna Pet HIm


What’s the deal with the Audacious in the title I’m sure you’re wondering.

Humm, well let’s see what has to say…


[aw-dey-shuhs] adjective


extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave; fearless.

extremely original; without restriction to prior ideas; highly inventive.

recklessly bold in defiance of convention, propriety, law, or the like; insolent; brazen.

lively; unrestrained; uninhibited.
Let’s review, that definition in Point 1…check
Point 2…check
Point 3…check
Point 4…checkaroo
Well, with that being said, then it’s a matter of delivering the goods I guess.
If’ you’ve listened to me and my mixes,
you’ve come to understand one basic tenet…
even with my genre specific mixes, I never stay within the genre.
So this one is for the oft neglected “Beatology” series.
Where I focus on one specific style of beat or drum programming.
This installments lucky recipient is what I call….
Wubbs and Dubs Express
Dubstep to others.
One reason I don’t particularly like using that classification, is because
it tends to run afoul with traditionalists and loyalists.
Since they are still arguing over what “real” dub is
this is just me getting my feet wet in a different pond
for craps and giggles.
Audacious I say?
So audacious that this not only is an update to the “Beatology” sereies
But it also serves to debut one of my alter-egos…
Say hello Ladies and Gents to

Blakkimus Prime

And how about this for a guest list…
Jonathon Peters kicks things off with some of
“It’s What You Like” B-Side
Not going to just let a groove like that ride out untouched
in comes Lolo to the rescue with some “Beat Medic”
Lil KeKe and Paul Wall and Bun B swing by and
“Chunk Up The Deuce”
Datsik swings by and drops some mad waves
Dr. Dre with some Still D.R.E Dub
Umbrella Corporation
Flux Pavilion
Don Diablo
And if you’re keeping count, that’s 17 songs, with a running time of 75 mins!
How’s that for a one shot?!!
For all you out there asking for it…
well here it is, now you got it.
If you got comments, suggestions, feel free to leave a comment
send me an email
catch up to me on Facebook
where you’ll find info about the mixes in detail
songs I like
(soon to be featured
and general interest music).
Thanks to all my international listeners from
Australia, Ireland, France, and Russia.
Hey EuroLex…you got another one…
03 Feb

Fabulous February Fabu Friday Edition



What is wrong with me?

What am I thinking?

I look in the mirror

and I hate what I see

a surrogate model

posing as me.

What is me?

Well, this is an accurate sampler.

Left field is too limiting to describe this 2 hour set.

House, Deep House, Tech House

Minimal, Minimal Tech, Minimal Tech Trance, Minimal Tech House

Tribal, Tribal Tech, Minimal Tribal Tech

dubstep, hip-hop, mashup, just to name a few bases I round.

4 tables, and yes, one DJ Nave E.

This one is almost like a Random Musing set to music.

Hence the double classification for it.

Ok where do I begin, cause well, it’s an F’Bomb, so…

I’ve decided to dust off some Filter,

Cypress Hill…wait…huh? WHO???


Zhane…OMG, yup…THOSE GIRLS from way back then..

Koen Groeneveld



Sander can Doorn

Timbaland ft. Pitbull


Bass Fun

Madison Avenue…BABY!

Labyrinth ft. Tinie Teempah


Jonathan Peters

Speaker Buster



T Orlando & Lori J Ward

Ivan B.

Notorious B.I.G.

Dr. Dre…hold the phone…


Mr. Beats himself featuring no stranger to these decks…

Bigg Boss Dogg…Snoop Dogg!

I know, I know, you’re scratching your head.

Look don’t try to figure it out,

just hit play!

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