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09 Aug

4sq Techno Disco

Techno Disco Bombs


Hello again synergists

The gorilla had to mariate on #this mixcast for a minute. Sonically speaking, the beat had to hit, just right, and there had to be enough Sonic anchors to make sure no matter how hard and deep things get (and boy, do they get deep) there’s a relatability and classic tune almost everyone can sing along to.

Featuring the pipes of some of the greatest clubland voices, Celeda, Martha Wash, Crystal Waters, Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, Dajae, Faithless, and Mary J. Blige to name a few.

Whittled down from a 4 HR, 4 table O.N.E Beat journey style mix, #this condensed 2 he 10 minutes long beatology reminiscent mix kept to a modest 128 bpm will get your head bobbing (amongst other extremities) and toes tapping.

Mixed directly into surround sound friendly 192 kbps CBR MP3 (unlimited data is costly y’all), giving you maximum Sonic quality while keeping file sizes streaming friendly.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mixing it. Stay tuned for some new beat collaborations and exclusives to be featured here for your ears first.

Until then, yours in groove

DJ Nave E



25 Apr

2nd Short BOMBS

Cause I Got A Light Bill Due!

OK I got a confession.

I been sitting on THIS for about 2 months.

I know, after you hear it…you’ll wanna kill me.

Starting with a kiss…this mix delivers big love to all floor workers, wharehouse funk club lovers.  You are welcome.

#THIS mix is killer. The beat just don’t quit.

There are so many gems.

Many many thanks gotta go out to the modern day maestro Barry Harris for his tireless expressions of love.  Your mixes are pure works of aural art.  With that being said get ready for this 2hr techno funk bomb. You are welcome.  Yours in groove…DJ Nave E


09 Oct

Lounge Werk Part 3



Lounge Werk Part 3

Lounge Werk Part 3d


B O O M !

I’m sure frequent readers of my page are scratching their heads by now.

They are like wait no witty build up?

No emphasis? Tracklisting and slight details?

Has he fallen ill?


I sure have cause this disc is SICK!

OMG…once the inital club fluff is outta the way

Lounge Werk Part 1

Lounge Werk Part 2

it’s time to see just what this system can do!

Time for the heavy artillery!

Jerome Isma-Ae vs Snap!

Sander Van Doorn


Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce



M People

Erick Morillo


DJ Chuckie

Jennifer Lopez


Yes Siree folks, you’re looking at 1 hour and 42 minutes of music

expertly handled with tender loving care and

presented to you in expanded stereo

clocking in at a final running time of

1 hr and 3 minutes and 42 seconds!

No editing or post production work has been done…

this is what was played and recorded live…


you know what you missed!


Corner of Roscoe and Halsted


18 Feb

Fabulous February Fabu Friday Divas Edition Part 2



Fab Feb Fabu Friday Divas Extd Part 2

Fab Feb Fabu Friday Divas Extd Part 2

 If you don’t know me by now,

you’ll quickly learn, I can’t let a good groove get away from me.

Coming fresh off the heels of a successful broadcast

with the first installment for WDMN 101 Radio,

the 1hr time limit just wasn’t enough.

SO, what’s a DJ to do?

Pick up where you left off, and up the ante.

Go on an all out tribal assault, dropping bombs!

There’s a few homages in here,

including a nice 6 track 4 table Rauhofer workout.

Fergie picks up the mix where it was left off and ushers in the assault!

Whitney Houston (Quintessential Diva, RIP) is present with a classic

Ace of Base (yes, I resurrect them)

Audio Cactus

Tristian Garner

Yoko Ono

Drum D’vah


Kylie Minogue

Pussycat Dolls


Peter Rauhofer & Lula

Paris Hilton




Andrea Roma

Kelly Clarkson

Leona Lewis

Ludacris feat. Mystikal

wait wait wait, huh??? Yes, Luda’s in this piece.

Who else is crazy enough to assemble a line up like this?

I know it’s been a minute since the Diva’s have graced these pages,

but with a session such as this one, it’s guaranteed to satisfy.

30 Nov

NK4 Divas Edition

Well, this has been an exciting new month.

Its brought about some new developments

in the style department

here at DJ Nave

SO, we wanted to close the

November Knockin’

Series out correctly.

So what better way to celebrate the 4th installment

than by mixing it on 4 TABLES!

Yeah  about time, and FINALLY

all at the same time!

I guarantee you, these divas…

they are only about one thing


This one delivers big beats and legendary vocals.

Including Mrs. Aretha herself,

along with Charlotte,



Christina Aguilera

Terri B

Basement Jaxx



Suzanne Palmer


Deborah Cox

Inaya Day

Need I say more? I think these divas

got this edition on LOCK!!!

All being mixed by yours truly on 4 tables

we had to make sure we closed the

November Knockin series right and

make sure it lives up to its name.


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