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09 Aug

4sq Techno Disco

Techno Disco Bombs


Hello again synergists

The gorilla had to mariate on #this mixcast for a minute. Sonically speaking, the beat had to hit, just right, and there had to be enough Sonic anchors to make sure no matter how hard and deep things get (and boy, do they get deep) there’s a relatability and classic tune almost everyone can sing along to.

Featuring the pipes of some of the greatest clubland voices, Celeda, Martha Wash, Crystal Waters, Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, Dajae, Faithless, and Mary J. Blige to name a few.

Whittled down from a 4 HR, 4 table O.N.E Beat journey style mix, #this condensed 2 he 10 minutes long beatology reminiscent mix kept to a modest 128 bpm will get your head bobbing (amongst other extremities) and toes tapping.

Mixed directly into surround sound friendly 192 kbps CBR MP3 (unlimited data is costly y’all), giving you maximum Sonic quality while keeping file sizes streaming friendly.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mixing it. Stay tuned for some new beat collaborations and exclusives to be featured here for your ears first.

Until then, yours in groove

DJ Nave E



08 Jun

Merch Mart PopUp DiscoTek 1


Welcome to PRIDE MONTH 2018

The year is already half over, can you believe it?

Time flies when you are having fun. That explains allot about this year.

But enough with the small talk…

What about the beats huh? Well for Neocon at the Mart, I had some free time and well..

Here you have it.


New Order Bizarre Love Triangle Barry Harris 2018 Remix

Dirty Vegas Days Go By Original Mix

BeeGees You Should Be Dancing Intrusive’s On Your Back Dub

Fatboy Slim Right Here Right Now CamelPhat remix

Madonna Music Josh Lee’s Boogie Woogie dub

Carl Cox The Player Midnight Sleaze remix

In deep Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Nautica Dub

Green Velvet La La Land (Pleasurekraft Sideshow Remix)

Antranig Big Ass Drums Extended Mix

Diana Ross I’m Coming Out Barry Harris 2018 Remix

Look at you…aren’t you lucky…i thought enough to even include a COMPLETE¬† track listing…oooh YOUUU.


Okay enough with the hijinx, the gorilla looking at me funny. Time to get back to the beats for installment 2…

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E


24 Oct

B O M B S 11 pt 1


I know I know…yes, I’ve been remiss.

It’s been a little over a month since I’ve posted last…

but hopefully by now you guys know me…

I won’t leave you for too long with no new music.

Well I’m back!

And boy have I got a couple BOMBS for ya.

Yes…I have TWO.

I’m doing something that I normally ¬†don’t do, but I’m dropping TWO at ONCE!

This new installation of the BOMBS series takes things back to the HOUSE genre.

But you know me, I can’t just be basic, I have to take things to the next level.

So, I decided to not only refresh the BOBMBS series,

I also decided to bring back




at the same time!

BOMBS 11 is a 2hr and 30 minute

3 table mix.

Not just a three table mix for a certain parts, but 3 tables for the entire DURATION.

OMG…exhausting, but let me tell you…any labor of love is definitely worth it….

This mix features the talents of



Matt Balfe

Donnna Summer

Vic & Holly

Umek & Beltek

Da Fresh


Pieter Parker

Benny Royal

Paul Ritch





Chris Lake

Marco Lys

Mac Zimms

and that’s where part 1 leaves ya hanging…

don’t worry, I’ve got definitely more up my sleeve for part 2…

Stay Tuned…Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

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