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21 Apr

Present 2 Myself 2018

Happy Birthday ME

It’s my birthday

I can bump if I want to…

You would bump too

If you knew what I knew…

Enough of that crap…

I woke up feeling funky and decided to appease the Gorilla and let him bounce

Some beats and have a feel good time

As usual it’s way to good to keep to myself

Besides mama raise me to be stingy and selfish…

Your welcome

There’s some Crystal Waters




Carl Cox


Gloria Estefan

Jeannie Tracy

And a few other gems in this 48 min

Hump bump all at a comfy cruising speed of 128 non.


As always yours in grove


17 Feb

Fabulous February FabuFriday Divas Edition


This mix marks the return of DJ Nave E to internet radio!

Worldwide Dance Music Nation

has enlisted the help of DJ Nave E to bring listeners

to it’s recently launched station.

This is no fly by night station either,

it’s got other powerhouses mixing there as well

such as the legendary Louie DeVito.

Now I understand radio is a different beast,

and so rightfully, the beats have to be different too.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t put my own personal touch on it.

And why not use the occasion to update the fan favorite

Diva Series!

Yes, you heard right, it’s time for another installment,

and this one definitely does not disappoint!

Well, it kinda does, because of the limits of the radio show,

each performance has to be a maximum of 1hr long.

This is the 1hr version

(clocking in at 1hr 4minutes)


The extended session is forthcoming.

Hopefully this will tide you over till then.

Hitting hard as always, this installment features the crooning of


Calvin Harris


Natalia Kills

Kelly Rowland

Tune In Tokyo


Gloria Estefan

Konstantin Yoodza

Koen Groeneveld


Fergie (not the Black Eyed Peas vocalist)


11 Nov

Veterans Day Disc 2




With such a stellar beginning, how could I just end a disc like that?

How wrong of me I know, but then again, I’ve got the cure

DISC 2 is here with more of the madness!

Yeah more DJ Funk

More Sneak

and for this one…


I know, I lost my mind.


11 Nov

Veterans Day 2011 Disc 1

Unfortunately, with the recent demise of the HCBD series of mixes


and with the special day being 11-11-11

I had been mulling over this idea for quite some time.

I figured, why not make something a bit more fun than usual.

I wasn’t originally planning on making it for Veterans.

It doesn’t have much of a military theme to it either.

It’s just that it’s an unbridled let your hair down good time!

First off, this is the new mix as a result of the massive technology infusion of October.

The new lappy, new OS’es, and lots of other goodies have been tossed in.

With that, there has also been the massive procurement of music,

and a getting in touch with some old friends with some old goodies.

Where do I begin? I don’t know where I get these ideas, but for example…

who in a minimal mix throws in Nirvana?


Jodeci? Wait wait, did I really type that…

YUP I dug up Jodeci!



Toss in some Danny Teneglia, Rosabel, Boris Rush,

This one is way to crazy to describe, and being spatially mixed for 5.1 enjoyment

Let’s say this one is audacious.¬† I hope you like it!

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