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29 Nov

Coffee Crunch BOMBS

This is what happens when I have to telecommute in a coffee shop.

Another mid-tempo boogie that the Gorilla approves.

This lil CD length BOMB has some interesting choices and talent on it.

Has a nice tech disco sorta feel to it.

Thule, Valentin Ilie – Drop The Classics (Original Mix)

I Wanna (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)

Add Suv (Armand Van Helden Club Remix)

Gets To Me

Gorillaz, Jehnny Beth – We Got The Power (feat. Jehnny Beth)

Seamus Haji, Big Bang Theory – God’s Child (Siege Remix)

Todd Terry – Frisco Disco (Original Mix)

Tiger Stripes – Tannhouser (Original Mix)

Sugar Hill – Sinnerman (Original Mix)

Bastille – Blame (Claptone Extended Mix)

Whitney Houston – Love Will Save The Day (Barry Harris 2018 Mix)

Nhan Solo – Keep It Movin (Original Mix)

U2 – Summer Of Love – Ralphi Rosario Dub Mix

Kylie Minogue Timebomb (Peter Rauhofer Remix)

Tim Bongconga (Original Mix)

Nicole Moudaber & Carl Cox – See You Next Tuesday (Danny Tenaglia’s Return to Twilo Mix)

Winx- Don’t Laugh (David Morales Red Zone Mix)

Karizma – Work It Out (Original Mix)

Lovingly brewed on 4 tables and cut in one take.

This one should keep ya warm in your car, on the treadmill, or on the dancefloor.

You knew I wasn’t gonna let the holiday’s go by without giving you something to help get you thru.  Stay tuned, I got a few more coming.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from Synergetic Productions

DJ Nave E and The Gorilla

24 Oct

B O M B S 11 pt 2


Y’all still with me?

Of course you are!

Well have I got something else for your ears…

Not only did I up the anty by blending Beatology and BOMBS…

I decided to go for the trifecta!




Amol Reon

Umek Vs. Traumer

Tom Staar

Pasten Luder


Alex Portarelo

Marco P

Angelo Dore

Rene Amesz

Simon Dorty

DJ Westbeat

Evil Jokes

Zoo Brazil & Obsession

Mr. Wise


Robbie Williams Ft. Kylie Minogue

DJ Sunshine

DJ Pink

Pitbull ft. John Ryan

and what curveball would be complete without a surprise ending

delivered by none other than the man, the legend himself…


And this my friends isn’t just any Michael Jackson tune,

this one is from the Immortal Sessions, and it’s not the overproduced version…

this one is straight from the VAULT…

aka it’s the ORIGINAL version as Michael himself intended.

You are welcome.

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

08 Jan

B OM B S 4



Da BIG Bomb

Da BIG Bomb


This is turning out to be one interesting little series.

If  I do say so myself!


When was the last time you got a


I know it’s been a while…

a LOOONG time coming in fact.


Here’s a BIG ROOM tour de force.

If this mix doesn’t have you dancing,



Too many tracks, edits, and samples included in this one

to even begin to try and give you a listing of everyone in it.

Just another way to help you thaw out from the

Big Chill 2014.

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

10 Oct

Lounge Werk Part 4



Final Chapter From The Lounge Werk Series

Final Chapter From The Lounge Werk Series

I know, a spot many of you NEVER thought I’d get to.

Well here it is…the end of the killer set at Cocktail

September 19, 2012

With Lounge Werk Part 3

blowing up systems and web download trends

this part 4 is sure to finish off nicely.

Enlisting the talents and sounds from



Janet Jackson


Katy Perry

Diplo & Don Diablo

Scissor Sisters

Kylie Minogue

and closing out things…Mr. 1605 Himself


I just want to take a moment out and say thank you to Cocktail

and Amy for the opportunity and the wonderful space.

Thanks and mad props goes out to Derek Johnson

from Custom Image Photos for the cover shots.

It was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to showcase

more from my “Live” series.

23 Jul

Beatology Book 3



Back 2 Form

Beatology Book 3 – Back 2 Form


July is definitely delivering on it’s reputation.

It’s known for being a scorcher!

Well with the release of Wubbs N Dubs Xpress

it was time to venture back into familiar territory.

What better way to do that than to write the next chapter

in the Beatology Series.

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a proper one.

Not only that, I figured why not take the three songs that I’ve created

and throw those into the mix, just for grins and giggles!

Yes, that means 420 Bars of Bass

4th of July Banger

and This Is True Bass are included!

Normally that would be enough for any bass hungry fiend,

but why stop there?

I had to throw in an additional 14 tracks!

A- Brothers

Oliver Ho


Sebastien Leger


Andre Winter

Claudio PRC

Format B

Matt Minimal

Oscar de Rivera

Kylie Minogue shows up again!

Mas Teevah

Martin Sloveig

as well as RAM

With such a well rounded list of talent, how can you go wrong?

You can’t!!

You know how I do…

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

21 Jul

All Aboard W n D Xpress



Wubbs N Dubs Xpress

After a bit of a busy June, it was time to venture back

into the creative space and pound out something new.

I realize without posting the entire month of June,

some of my loyal fans have been wonder what I’ve been up to.

With a plethora of new music being released and lots of gigs

it’s been a challenging time.

With two additional projects occupying my creative juices,

I decided to step away, clear the mind, and generate something

with a slight take on mashups.

I am sure that the track listing of this is going to make some

scratch their head in wonderment, so let’s just get right to it.

This go round, I decided to take a bigger step into the

Wubbs N Dubs Xpress category.

To give a bit of a definition to the category,

it comprises of some electro-fueled gems

from a few of different styles

and genres and slowly makes it way

into the flavor of the year…dubstep!

Hence the name “Wubbs n Dubs”.

Elton John vs Pnau

Heavy D


Carly Rae Jespen

Kylie Minogue

Alicia Keys Feat Konnekt





Electrode & Astrio

Flux Pavilion

And what would a DJ Nave E mix be without that one special surprise…

well this one has 7!  See if you can spot all of them mixed in with my homie

Girlfriend bringing some wicked and different bass to melt your face!

Get your ticket, keep your hands and arms inside the train at all times.

It’s going to be a ride you won’t soon forget!

And as a little update…

Speed Racer 2012 and Original Comp Showcase

are still in the pipeline.

But until next time, yours in Groove…

DJ Nave E

31 May

Melodic May Speed Bump


Fresh off the heels of the Atomic Smash

comes another banger!

This time, back to form,

and back to LENGTH!

Yeah, baby this one is 2 hours long!

Full of dips, ebbs and flows.

By the time you get 3/4’s in,

you’ll get the title!

This one features the talents of :

Ferry Corsten feat. Ben Hague

Kaskade feat Mindy Gledhill

Tiesto and Wolfgang Gartner Feat Luciana

Toni Braxton

David Guetta

Elton John vs PNAU


Junior Vasquez


Size Queen


Bare & Datsik


Cari Lekebusch

Kylie Minogue

Mary J. Blige

Kelly Rowland



Elay Lazutkin

David Moleon

Farrel 8

WOW, just typing that list was exhausting!

Wait till you hear how the whole thing wafts and waves over your

subwoofers, cause this bass is pretty layered.

Considered yourself warned!


03 May

Origins of the Diva Series Pt 1


What would the dance world be without Divas?

They make the songs we love to hear  and sing along with.

All the while doing it in such style, grace, and vocal prowess.

Making sure to leave their mark not only on our ears and hearts,

but also on the charts and dancefloors worldwide.

With those thoughts, and Palm Sunday approaching,

This newest series of mixes was born.

More affectionately entitled Divas,

the first round in this series was called

“Divas Beaten By Palms”

Originally a continuous mix, I decided to split it into

two full length CD sets for easier burning, downloading et al.

The cover speaks for itself, and is just a sampling of some of the greats

whose beats I work into a frenzy.

Everyone from Kylie,




and even the quintessential diva herself…

Annie Lennox!

Of course, is that all the ones you can expect to hear?

I wouldn’t be DJ Nave E if it was.

Get ready, cause it’s time for some Palm Action…

with a little help from DJ Aulden Brown down in Miami

your version is the only Born This Way that I play…

05 Apr

There Goes The Neighborhood!



Well what retrospective would be complete

without an exploration into why there was

a HCBD Series.

I’m sure once you hear this

you’ll understand why the title is

“There Goes The Neighborhood”

As my good friend Walter put it…

“You let me know what neighborhood

THAT is cause I wanna move in!”

The beats and keys on here are just amazing

the atmospherics just short of orchestral

another amazing mix


Green Velvet

tons more minimal goodies..

and for those really curious…

my take on Style of Eye’s “Girls” is re-edited

and used in this one!

For all you Monster’s Ball fans…

How did this mix ever disappear???

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