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09 Jun

BOMBS 12-2



Here’s the second part of the 3 mix set

And as always, this is where things get


Time to really get into the three table antics.

 Erick Morillo


Razor N Guido


Ann Nesby

Adam Beyer

Chris Liebing vs Green Velvet

DJ Snake

Armand Van Helden

Alter Ego

Again, I apologize ahead of time for the rough cut

however to ensure the continuity of the mix and

a complete 1 hour run time.

Is it all over my face?

Why yes, YES it is…

Stay tuned for Part 3

and the complete FULL BANG coming soon…

as always yours in Groove…

DJ Nave E.

22 Nov

We’ve got you SURROUNDED…almost




let’s try this again!!!

So come out with your HANDS UP!

Get ready to get your groove on in a whole new fashion.

Yes, here at, I’ve always tried to ensure

of some pretty high sonic standards.

This time around, I’ve decided to up the ante quite a bit.

Not only instead of just making sure that I balance and master

the tracks to sound great on regular headphones and speaker systems

this time I’ve taken the added step to make sure that if you are

bangin these mixcasts on your surround sound system

you’ll get improved sonic quality

custom mastered for a 5.1 environment!



22 Nov

November Knockin Part 3 in Stereo

With the holidays rapidly approaching and with a ton of some new tracks

 quite a few old ones, and a boat load of new software, it’s time to crunch out

some banging new mixes.

At the suggestion of a couple of fans who like the longer mixes

instead of the split ones that require you add them to a playlist,

I decided that it is time for a full length banger.

This one is on the electro, 8bit, and naturally minimalistic tip.

There are over 35 tracks spanning just short of 3 hours (by a few minutes).

Ann Nesby makes a revisit, this time in a slightly different fashion.

I’ve got some S Club 5  (yeah its ripped right out of the video game)

Kaskade and some of his new banging mashups make an appearance

Adam Beyer, Nicky Romero, Tommy Trash

the one and only Cajmere

Green Velvet

and a few new tracks that are unavailable, and heard here exclusively by

Fredda L (banging track absolutely banging)

Peter Pitzzutelli (you need to look this dude up)

Eddie Thoneick

Erick Deeks & Lauren Neko

Suzanne Vega (yes, AGAIN!)

brought up a really good oldie from iiO


Deniz Koyu

Christina Aguliera

Amy Winehouse

and the list goes on and on, and so do these beats.

This mix was done with a nice electro-minimalist vibe, and has some interesting presence.

It was so good, I had to embark on a new sonic mission I’ve had for over 10 years

I mastered this version of the mix to have regular stereo separation,


in case you are one of those audiophiles, and you have an awesome system

or you just like to bang things out on your surround sound system

you might want to take a listen to the 5.1 mixdown version

that’s featured on the next posting!

DJ Nave

Advancing the craft for your aural pleasure!

28 Sep

Diva’s revisited…


Happy Birthday Walter,

hope you had a chance to listen to it,

but you’re exclusivity reign ends here.

Ok back to the rest of the fans,

yeah, it was time to do something for the Divas!

You know we can’t leave them out of all the fun,

and besides, what’s better than listening to them work out!

Their vocal chords you perv!

Anyway, this one is chock full of surprises,

a couple new anthems and one or two from yesteryear

Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Ann Nesby (yes, I didn’t sutter either), not to mention Suzanne Palmer

Beyonce, Madonna,  even Amy Winehouse

and well, as always, you’ll just have to listen.

Cause dubbin’ is really MY game!

I’m bad, I know, but don’t worry, You’ll see an Ann Nesby VS RuPaul coming VERY SOON!

Until next time, yours in groove

DJ Nave E

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