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17 Apr

Coffee Crunch BOMBS 8

Da 4 hr he bombs

This mix right here.
I had a big bug in my brain.
Lula it’s all your fault.
Well except for the lil hiccups around the 1hr 40 min mark
Those are my fault.
I thought of splitting it, editing it
rerecording it (which I still might do)
Fret not, the tracklisting is coming
It is 4 hrs of music after all, im remote
And the text file is with the gorilla at home
But this beat can’t wait.
Be warned, the bass is Soo in the reds
It’s solid….lol
There’s definitely some “soulshaka” grooves
This is dark, it’s deep and heavy.
Massively so
Listen on the biggest system you can Commander for 4hrs

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