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20 Jun

BOMBS 20 pt 2 of 4



Well after a week of sitting on it,

Listening to it in various environments,

and banging all over the land and country…


I bring you BOMBS 20 part 2

Yes, this one is also another 3 hour session.

No, I’m not giving a track listing, because

I’m up to 3 table antics the ENTIRE time.

Lets not forget, this is only part 2 of 4.

That means this is 6hrs out of 12hrs.

I might come back later and add the track details once I

get all the songs in order, but for now, the mix is what’s important,

and I’m not going to let the lack of a track listing keep me from

dropping such a hot beat exercise.

I hope you enjoy this as much as the live audience did.

Shouts out to Mada, Lar. Jr., Clouded Mind, Freckles, and the rest of the 737 krew.

You guys ROCK.

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