08 Jun

BOMBS 12.1


Welcome to 2015

Yeah, I know, Im a bit behind schedule

Yes this is June…I know I know…

But as always with any wait, you know when I come back


Welcome to 2015

After a brief stent in the

Smoky Mountains

in Tenesseee

I’ve come back with a clearer ear,

a deeper soul,

and some beats for dat azz.

This 3 table fiesta was started back in Jan..

Thanks Fran…Shouts out to you on the inspiration…

a history of HOUSE MUSIC…

thru the ears of DJ NAVE E.


FORMATIVE tracks either in

original or recent reworked form

each of these tracks have had a significant

impact in helping me find my sound, my voice.


These three tables were smoking…

So will your speakers…

I’ve left the LIVE inconsistencies from the broadcast

IN THE MIX for authenticity….

Here’s the listing for Part 1 which is a curveball

Michael Jackson

Usher Feat. Nicki Minaj

Karl Friedrich


Plastik Funk Feat. Grandmaster Melle Mel

Sander van Doorn & Oliver Heldens

Criminal Vibes

Mason ft. Umek & Mike Valle

Depeche Mode

DJ Joykka & Miss Canabliss

Riva Starr & Fat Boy Slim feat. Beardyman

Patrick M. The Cube Guys & DJ. PP


Razor N Guido

and for time sake, it’s rough cut at 1hr…

stay tuned…part 2 is coming…

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