02 Jan

B O M B S 3

Da Twerk Bomb

Da Twerk Bomb

Whew…this has ALREADY been a busy 2014.

Well, just in case you thought I was sleeping…


I’ve been quite busy.

Welcome to da TWERK BOMB.

Closing the B O M Bs series for the moment.

This one is designed for my hip-hop/trap fans.

Since I was on a roll, why not take advantage of the amount of new music.

I was quite surprised by the people making new and QUALITY music.

Needless to say it came from some artists I least expected.

I am departing from not naming names…

but…you won’t believe that this mix has

Miley Cyrus

Katy Perry

Lady Gaga


Kernkraft 4000

Yeah, I know you’re wondering…wait…huh?

Lady Gaga? Kernkraft?



You know how I do,

and what Synergetic Production

would be complete without curve balls.

Just take a listen, and make sure you crank it up TWO extra notches.

Thanks again, and as always

Yours in Groove…

DJ Nave E



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