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03 Apr

Diva Bunny




 This new breed of Diva is bright eyed and bushy tailed....

Fresh off the heels of the wildly successful

“Out Like A Lamb”

Well it’s a new month, and time for a new Divas edition.

With Palm Sunday just passing, that marks the

1 year anniversary of the re-introduction of the popular

DIVA series of mixes.

A collection of new and old classic vocal floor thumpers.

Usually the mix focuses on established and respected Divas.

Although, times change, and so does the Diva of the moment.

With this mix, I took the time to showcase a few works from some

of my friends around the internet.

A couple up and coming artists that I know have some pretty amazing music floating around,

and I decided to help support them by featuring them in a new mix.

Isaiah Grass and Kyle Brylin make their debut

Please support unsigned artists, as both these two tracks and others are available

via iTunes and their websites.

This mix is scheduled to also be broadcast via WDMN 101 Internet Radio

during my 1 hour Sunday Night Radio Show @ 6pm CST.

Isaiah is up first with Pheremones

followed by Kyle with his steaming “Go Hard or Go Chrome”

I’ve been on this dude to tell his Reps to service that track and get some proper mixes.

I just used the standard album version and extended it in the right places to fit the mix better.

After that, it’s on to the Diva barrage.

Brandy takes the mic with a 90’s classic ripe with “Percolator” undertones

Kelly Clarkson shows us how to be “Stronger”

Gaga begs for us to “Marry The Night”

Natalia Kills teaches us what “Mirrors” are for

Nicole Scherzinger tells us to put it “Right There”

Selena Gomez shows us a bit of self image confidence with “Who Says”

ATFC decides to end things early by “Walk Away” with Lisa Shaw

But Junior Sanchez has different ideas, and suggests you “Feel It (At The Warehouse)”

While Vanguard along with The Ting Tings

suggests to any style jockies “Hang It Up”

With Easter around the corner,

Spring time in full swing

I figured putting a little bounce in your step

would help get you thru the day or help you get things done around the house.

Brought to you by DJ Nave E

and if this one is a bit to syrupy sweet for ya, make sure to check out

Audacious April Volume 2- The Cute N Fuzzy Edition

More To Come about that later…

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