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14 Mar

In Like A Lion

In Like a Lion

March always being known for it stark dramatic

changes in weather temperature and also human mindset

As the end of winter fastly approaches,

thoughts of warm climates came to mind.

Well since this March is no different than any other,

with higher than average temperatures and winds to match,

I figured why not embody and

harness the essence of the King Of The Jungle.

Or should I say Tribal Jungle?

I almost called this the Mufasa mix.

This is one is a climber, it just goes up, up of into the stratosphere.

Hate on me now, but I included Al Green.

Yes, I did say Al Green, and for good measure,

Crystal Waters closes out the set.

Yes, she’s back and I can’t wait for the rest of her new stuff to come out.

Careful though, this mix clocks in at 139BPM and at 2 hrs?

As the intro states, Warning, heading 29-0!

Enlisting the sounds of

John Dahlback

MGJ & Norber Davenport


Mr. Patron Featuring Al Green

Sidney Samson has two bombs

Spektre & Matt Cooper

Spiriakos & Steen

Rino Cerrone

Paul Thomas & The Weekend Heroes

Minus & Cortex


Miriam Macri


Axel Karakasis

Alexander Harre

Angy Kore & Alfonso Forte

For a change of pace, I decided to toss in the new Tiesto

Glitter hits up the Ravers

Giuseppe Visciano

Spiros Kaloumenos

Umek & Beltek


Uto Karem

Yolanda Be Cool Featuring Crystal Waters

Lace up, grab your Gatorade, and get ready.

You ready to take a ride with the Big Cat?





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