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30 Nov

NK4 Divas Edition

Well, this has been an exciting new month.

Its brought about some new developments

in the style department

here at DJ Nave E.com

SO, we wanted to close the

November Knockin’

Series out correctly.

So what better way to celebrate the 4th installment

than by mixing it on 4 TABLES!

Yeah  about time, and FINALLY

all at the same time!

I guarantee you, these divas…

they are only about one thing


This one delivers big beats and legendary vocals.

Including Mrs. Aretha herself,

along with Charlotte,



Christina Aguilera

Terri B

Basement Jaxx



Suzanne Palmer


Deborah Cox

Inaya Day

Need I say more? I think these divas

got this edition on LOCK!!!

All being mixed by yours truly on 4 tables

we had to make sure we closed the

November Knockin series right and

make sure it lives up to its name.


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