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27 Nov

Wanton Musings

Well November is almost over, and now that the weather has

taken the turn for the colder.

I figured it was time to turn up the heat!

Not just indoors, but also online.

The November Knockin’ series is almost drawn to a close.

December is almost upon us, which means,

time for jingle bells and mistletoe

and a whole bunch of fa la la la.

November was a learning experience

it’s taken a few tries with some new ideas

as well as technology to try and realize the vision

and sounds I have in my head.

Being a one man band at times has its benefits,

other times, it’s more stress than you can imagine.

But with any labor of love, it’s all worth it once the finished product

arrives and is well received.

Do not worry, NK 3 will be re-issued

in it’s glorious 5.1 surround sound as promised.

Who knew such a simple request would turn into

a technical nightmare? Never the less, what’s been rendered so far

is amazing, and there might even be a slight difference between

it and the standard stereo mix.

There are quite a few new sounds and tracks that I can’t wait to drop,

(thanks to Mr. Rauhofer for a few of them,

and my many new friends on Soundcloud for their wonderful

pieces of sonic art work).

With the help of the Macintosh stuido,

Roxio, Nero, Dolby, and SRS

I am positive that I will be able to generate you some quality

worthwhile mixes very shortly.

The bugs naturally have to get worked out,

but as always, I look forward to your input and suggestions

as I endeavor to build not only a mixcast deliver system,

but also an interactive community where I can

interact with my fans and friends.

Hopefully you guys will reach back as well,

share with your friends, and grow this vision into

something bigger than what I have envisioned.

I appreciate your patience, and hopefully if you have any ideas

comments, or suggestions, I gladly welcome them.

Don’t be such strangers, I don’t bite.

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