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22 Nov

With New Tech Comes….

This has definitely been an exciting and challenging year.

Artistically, technologically, and mentally.

With each new question or challenge,

there has been a lot of information that I needed to learn, and quite quickly.

Well, I am the type that never finishes one challenge and then relishes the break.

I dive head first into the next one.

Which brings me to my newest question or ponderance.

I have been toying with an idea and concept

musically and visually for about 10 years now.

I think that technology has finally caught up and the price has dropped

significantly so that average Joe’s can somewhat accomplish those things

on a shoestring budget.

May I recall your attention to the previous picture at the top of this post?

Yes, you saw it right, that is the infamous Double D.

Without giving away too much information, and insides on what that means here at


I am wondering what you as listeners would like to see, or hear I should say.

There are a few different ways to incorporate the digital experience into a

conceptual mix, like the ones that I do here.

The question becomes, how best to deliver the experience.

Technically, and bandwith wise, I can post full AC3-DTS mixes here.

Is it practical? NO

Would it be a quick download? NO

Could your RSS feeder handle it? HAAA NO.

Would if fit on a CD? Yes and no…more on that later.

So given the only delivery method being DVD, the next question is…

what visuals do you think would be awesome with a DJ Nave E mixcast?

Yes, integrating visual elements with the mix, would only be a more

complex extension of what I already do, just in a new realm.

Yes, it does dramatically increase production time and delivery time

but it makes sure that everything is top notch and also worthy of your support.

I have a few ideas, I have a few samples.

I’m interested to know what YOU think.

I don’t get to hear from any of you my fans out there, so

take a moment, send me an email, or a comment on facebook.

I am completely open at this stage to embrace new things, and

I am surly hoping that you my listeners will be a part of this next step.

For starters, here are a few questions that I would like to see what you my listeners think.

Would you listen/download/own a mix that was rendered in Dolby Digital/DTS for playback on

your surround sound system?

Which format would you prefer to use: Electronic/Internet, DVD/CD, USB?

Would you be interested in audio only, or would a combination audio visual project be more appealing?

If you would like to see an audio visual project, please specify which medium format you would prefer.

Would you be interested in downloading/streaming mp3’s that have been rendered and recorded

in a Surround environment and then downmixed to MP3?

As you can tell, I’ve been assessing what I can do, and now that I’ve done it, I want to know


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