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23 Sep

Oldies yes OOOH soo goodies!!!



It’s been a wild and adventurous

month of September folks let me tell ya!

After a few system upgrades

and a few equipment failures,

BSOD’s, hard drive crashes,

and re-installation of Windows 7…

count it…..

7 times (who knew THAT’S what the 7 was for),

this latest beat foray is a continuation

of the Escaped From Da Basement series.

I figured I hadn’t updated it in a while and it was due for a new mix.

Besides, I had a few dusties

and well a few really good revisits

to some good old classics.

I’m a sucker for a good bootleg

and if it’s worthy of some good play,

I’m not beneath playing it!

Besides, these tracks only belong in a basement mix,

I mean we got Michael Jackson,

not only once but TWICE!!!

I got Newcleus, yeah, you read it right…Jam On It…

Toss in some Prince, Some Ralphi Rosario, A dash of Razor and Guido, and shake in some RuPaul for extra spice, spin at 132.6 bpm, and well…

This is what you got…take a listen!

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