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04 Sep

420 Bars of Bass??…YES!!…REALLY!



 It’s amazing what a few long overdue

yet oh so timely upgrades can do.

Now that DJ Nave E’s productions

are now being handled by the

Zepplin Flyer (M. T. C.)

you can expect higher quality mixes

and finally the arrival of


And that brings us to this little ditty.

After having a beat in my head for a few weeks,

I figured when better to try and bang it out than now?

There are 3 versions of it actually,

there is the Original Mix which clocks in at sensual 125bpm and 14 mins.

there is the club mix which is a modest 132 bpm and is 13 mins

But who am I? What am I known for? Insanely fast yet groovy beats…


I bring to you the Jagged Up Mix!

Clocking in at 12 minutes and 10 seconds

at a whirlwind 138 bpm

I’ve got a hit out on your subs!

Can they keep up?






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