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29 Aug





That’s right, after a slow sensual progression “To The EDGE” of disc 1,

with the increased frenetic bass pulsing and pushing you “Over The EDGE” with disc 2,

it’s time to go for broke.

Go all out!

Balls out…

Balls to the walls, and this is where you’ve landed.

Smack dab in the middle of an acid house techno infused aural mele.

Speakerbox, Tick – Tock, just to name a few, I’m sure if you like it hard, unrelenting and deep…

“…To The WALLS!” is definitely for you.

Kicking the BPM meter up a notch or three,

this one is definitely for you.

Especially if you want it to pound

and HARD!

Thank me later.

Yours in Groove

DJ Nave E

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