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22 Aug

Are you ready to get hooked? Will you take the bait?




Concepts are what I do, if you haven’t noticed yet.  It’s one of the things that makes a DJ Nave E mix different than your average DJ mix.

This time however, I totally think I have outdone myself.  This is a multi-level concept, where not only the cover art, but the actual mixes themselves convey and personify the concept and help propel it into your ear drums.

This being the first of the a 3 cd set, this time, I’m going to “bait” you along.  Normally, I tend to drop a 3 cd set at the same time, and let you catch up.

This time is different, cause, well, each disc needs PROPER  BREATHING room.

There is even an alternate version of these mixes that are available on a private request basis, as the “cherry” on top has been omitted from these released versions.

Normally I give you a slight idea of who is in the mix, this time, I almost can’t and won’t even attempt to try.

Know this, it’s different than what you’ve come to expect from DJ Nave E, and loyalists will tell you, they haven’t heard this sound since about 2001.

Fret not, ya boy still got it, and now with “to the EDGE” you do as well.

Each mix is just over an hour long, a slight departure from my normal 78 minute routine.

The “hook” is that this is a progress mix set, not the progressive genre, however but progressive in terms of BPM.

You start out on disc one at 128 bpm with deep house and regular house.

Disc two “Over The EDGE” migrates you towards 132 bpm and into progressive tech-house tribal tech minimal house.

Disc three “…to the wall” checks in at 136 bpm and drop kicks you into techno, prog tech, minimal tech and other harder aggressive stylings.

This one will take you right to the EDGE, but doesn’t quite take you all the way there…

That’s what “Over The Edge” is for, and stay tuned, I’ll post that later.  ;-D

Until then beat-a-holics and fellow beat junkes.

Yours in Groove!

DJ Nave E


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