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12 Aug

W.O.P.A.W. A Tribute…

I’ve always had this affinity for good soul stirring Baptist Church rhythms, and how it’s had the ability to stir up the soul.

As a DJ, of course you want to be able to tap into that power, and also be able to celebrate that energy and passion.

I’ve had a favorite vocalist for many decades, Vernessa Mitchell, and she’s a member and affiliated Psalmist to my church. I’ve grown up watching her and her pipes bring people to emotional bliss with her vocal prowess.

Upon hearing that she would be back in town, and performing at a local church, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have my ears blessed by her powerful gift.

I struggled with this notion for weeks, and nothing came of it, until BAM, it all fell in place today.

Original concept was supposed to be only her music, but that wasn’t a large enough body of work for me, and I’d be remiss in not including newer compositions from other artists as well.

Honestly, this style of music has been written off by most as heathen’s music, druggie dope den stuff to trip on and commit all sorts of sins to.  While that might be true to an extent, it doesn’t have to be that way, and I’m glad that these women have found a way to transcend that, and also without being preachy or dogmatic, find a way how to bring the gospel, and a message of love acceptance into such arenas, and gain such acceptance as they have.

So I enlisted the help of Tamara Wallace and Oscar G., Funky Green Dogs, Mary Mary to allow this to be a big barn burning piece of revival.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

Yours in Groove…

DJ Nave E




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