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10 Aug

Affiliating we will go…




During the course of my constant obsession with technology,

of course the incessant love affair with music

and the endless hours spent on the internet,

it only seems right that I take time to recognize and acknowledge

the companies and services that help me do what I do.

Each one has in some way shaped and molded my craft

and has contributed to the mixes you hear here.

Now what thank you would be complete without a

Mrs. Jackson-style

“What Have You Done For Me….Lately??”


Well, with that said, I’m sure that people will be asking as time goes on

what equipment do I use, have experience on, and where do I get it all?

That’s where the affiliating comes in to play…(ha ha naysayers…there IS a tie in)

Upon my webcrawling I found out that yes, when you visit my site,

or if you decide you want to acquire any DJ related tools,

software, or equipment yours truly can receive

nominal compensation for your purchasing consideration.

This will greatly help to off set the cost of production, procurement, and publishing.

Watch this space for future developments and links in the coming weeks for the affiliate links.

In the meantime, lets do some product placement shall we?

And no, this is by no means a complete or exhaustive list, but this will keep you busy for now…

The Original Wheel Of Steel needs no introduction

Virtual DJ

Scratch Live

The GodFather of DJ Performance Software



What the Pros Use




Theater Quality Sound

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