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08 Aug

Link up with SyncStream

New Collaborative Stream Mix


It’s amazing what old creative friends can do for one another.

Give it some time, and you find out how much both of you have progressed.

Thanks Killzone for the muse and for the streamspace.

Here’s hoping your audience had as much fun listening

As I did recording it.



Britney Spears

Tony Braxton…wait…huh???

Yes, I did say Tony Braxton, and even Chris Brown!

It’s a non-stop one shot live recorded stream

and clocking in at 2 hours and 15 minutes,

this one is seriously heavy hitting.

Taking a page from Danny T’s book,

there’s even some “Gag Me With A Tune” action goin on..

email me if you can spot it and I’ll find a nice surprise for ya

Brought to you like only yours truly can deliver…

And to think it all started with an impromptu

Amy Winehouse tribute and live re-edit of

“Tears Dry On Their Own” for his

Killzone Internet Radio Station

Next thing I know 2 hr block of his show is handed over,

and you’re about to listen to the history…

Uplink complete, and now available for download

or your personal re-stream

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