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11 May

Beatology: The Book of Beats Volume 1

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This RIGHT HERE is definitive SWAGG!


Underground and Progressive

Minimal Techno

Classic Chicago Underground

All with a new spin, that only DJ Nave E can bring.


I had an idea, and a hankering for something really hard deep, kinda dark, warehouse style reminiscent of when clubbing used to be FUN, not over-pretentious.


The time when you didn’t get dressed up in an Armani suit to go out, because you would have sweated it out so badly no dry cleaner would have been able to save it.


Your hair was a mess, your make-up was non-existent, you lost your voice hours ago, your legs hurt, your ears rang, but you had a grin plastered on your face that stayed for at least a day.


This banger will definitely take you back to Glee Club, SoundFactory, Medusa’s, Vortex…places where beats mattered, and nothing else did.


You brought all your cares, worries, and stress to the dance floor cause somehow by nights end, everything would be all right.


Naturally, what’s a DJ Nave E mix without a classic throwback banger, well in this one, you get not just one, not just two, you get 4.  Two are easy to spot, I hid the other two, so in the words of Eric Clapton…”See if you can spot this one”


A precautionary warning, yes as always, be mindful of the bass, cause it’s off the meter, and you might want to watch out around the 28-35 minute mark.


You might want to pop an Advil or two now, your neck will thank you later.


So without further adieu, bang on!


Feel free to hit me up via email, FaceBook, MySpace, let me know what you think.

Comments are always appreciated. If you got any suggestions or requests (thematic related not necessarily specific songs), don’t hesitate to drop a note.


This IS a new series concept, so in the words of Johnny Carson, “More to Come”. BeatDown series fans, fret not, there’s another new installment there as well as more Divas.


So get ready!

It’s gonna be a BANGIN summer!

Bring a friend.

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