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03 May

Origins of the Diva Series Pt 1


What would the dance world be without Divas?

They make the songs we love to hear  and sing along with.

All the while doing it in such style, grace, and vocal prowess.

Making sure to leave their mark not only on our ears and hearts,

but also on the charts and dancefloors worldwide.

With those thoughts, and Palm Sunday approaching,

This newest series of mixes was born.

More affectionately entitled Divas,

the first round in this series was called

“Divas Beaten By Palms”

Originally a continuous mix, I decided to split it into

two full length CD sets for easier burning, downloading et al.

The cover speaks for itself, and is just a sampling of some of the greats

whose beats I work into a frenzy.

Everyone from Kylie,




and even the quintessential diva herself…

Annie Lennox!

Of course, is that all the ones you can expect to hear?

I wouldn’t be DJ Nave E if it was.

Get ready, cause it’s time for some Palm Action…

with a little help from DJ Aulden Brown down in Miami

your version is the only Born This Way that I play…

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